06 Jun‘20

Clearwater Bay Recycling Day

clearwater bay recycling
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Give back to the local community by bringing your recycables down to Sheung Sze Wan. Everything must be CLEAN. Otherwise we risk contaminating the whole collection and be sure to sort your recycling at home.

Please sort your recycling at home. These are the categories:
– Plastics: labelled 1, 2, 4, 5 look for triangle with number in the middle, wash and dry
– Tetrapacks- cut open, remove plastic lid, wash and dry. See how here.
– Cans – wash and dry. Please Separate food cans and drink cans
– Paper – cellotape and stickers removed, wrapping paper – only plain paper- no glitter, stuck on decorations, stickers, and please separate paper and cardboard.
– Egg cartons – stickers removed

Clean jars are also being collected for Live Zero.

When: 8am to 10am, Saturday, 6 June
Where: Near the main bins/postbox in Sheung Sze Wan.
How much: Please bring a small donation for the truck to take it all away.

Image courtesy of 2020 Clearwater Bay Recycling

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Event Location

Sheung Sze Wan, Clearwater Bay