22 - 26 Aug‘16

The Etiquette Summer Workshop by BabySteps

The Etiquette Summer Workshop by BabySteps
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We are all about raising caring compassionate little kiddos at Sassy Mama, so the idea of teaching them about respect, manners, and confidence from an early age is definitely something we support!

That’s right, mamas, The Etiquette Summer Workshop is BACK, mamas!
From building confidence in different social situations, to showing respect and kindness to others, to reflecting and appreciating what they have, we only have one question left: where do we sign up? We even hear they’ll be running through things like basic table manners – hooray!

Open to 5-7 year olds, the five sessions will be running from 4:30 to 5:30 everyday.

Simply RSVP at or call 2887 7585 for more details.

Event Price

$375/Session (Total: 5 Sessions)

Event Location

25 Floor, Universal Trade Centre
Arbuthnot Road, Hong Kong