13 - 14 Jul‘18

The Palace of Eternal Life and Peony Pavilion by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

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A Chinese operatic masterpiece! Come and travel back in time to the Ming and Qing dynasties and live in the lives of the famous lovers in the two beautiful love stories in Peony Pavilion by Gu Guanren and The Palace of Eternal Life by Jin Fuzai. Love transcends all! Peony Pavilion is about the love between Liu Mengmei and Du Liniang as they fluctuate between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The Palace of Eternal Life details the vow of eternal love between Emperor Ming of Tang and Yang Yuhuan, his favorite concubine. You will fall in love with the characters or grow to detest them but most of all, you will feel the passion and pain!

Feature image courtesy of China Daily

Event Price

$150, $200, $260, $320

Event Location

Hong Kong Cultural Centre