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11 Hilarious Halloween Costumes for Kids

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These costumes may not say “BOO!”, but they do say funny. And the kids wearing them are saying, “really, mom?”

We love Halloween. Not only does it give us occasion to abandon our usual identities and spend the evening being anything from a witch to Wilma Flinstone, but it also gives us a chance to help our young, adorable children get all dressed up in costume, i.e. make them wear the costumes we want them to wear.  Yes, our kids are subjected to varying degrees of costume abuse on Halloween. Let’s be honest, we dress them for our entertainment. And, man can it be funny.


Mom always told me I was her little prince. I thought I was born to reign…not purple rain.

Taco Baby

She’s already so cute you could just eat her up, but put her in this taco costume and you’ll be looking for the Tapatío, and your camera. But wait- take caution, this “taco” poops, and when she has a major blowout, it may ruin your Mexican food cravings forever

Little Lobster

Who can turn down this Catch of the Day? I’ll tell you who can turn it down- the baby who is sweating in a satin lobster suit wedged into a pot.

Little Oompa Loompa

Your little chocolate-loving mini-human would make the perfect Oompa Loompa. Perfect because he’s just the right size and just as active and busy as his Loopaland-originating counterpart, but mostly because he can bring us ALL the chocolate.

Dobby from Harry Potter

Hey, let’s take our adorable little baby girl put a toga and felt bat-wing ears on her and make her into a creepy, but weirdly lovable, sock-loving house elf and scar her for life

Little Turkey

Babies are so much work….until you restrict all their movement by stuffing them into a turkey costume and put them on a serving platter for everyone’s amusement.

Elliott and E.T

If you didn’t gasp and say “Awwww” when you saw this pic than 1) you were born after 1982 and never watched one of the best movies ever made before you were born or 2) you have no soul.



This costume is cute, funny and well, let’s be honest, pretty simple to “make”. All it requires is a simple text to the husband: “Hey babe, can you stop off at Park N Shop and grab 4 rolls of aluminium foil please?”



TV Dinner

We hope this costume isn’t the realisation of “you are what you eat,” but, to each their own. Parents get desperate. But, I’ll venture to guess by looking at the complexity of this homemade costume that these parents are no schleps and that their kids probably get home-cooked, gourmet, organic, meals that are laid out on a plate to look like Van Gogh’s Starry Night on a regular basis.


Sushi Roll

Your little boo never looked so cute than when she was a California roll… Or uncomfortable. Or sweaty. And unable to move her arms or use the bathroom for two hours. But it’s so cute!

Little Old Man

Your kids giving you gray hair, yet? Give it another year. In the meantime, dress your baby or toddler like a walker-wheelin’ elderly man. Babies and old men have a lot in common, as it happens. They both may need assistance walking, they both may get grumpy if they don’t get enough sleep, and boy do they love a good game of backgammon…

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