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3 of the Best Juicers in available online

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Some of you know that I’ve taken up juicing and did a lot of research about which juicer to buy – it’s a big purchase after all! Here’s why I’ve started juicing but right now I want to dive deeper into the different machines out there and their pros and cons, so that you can know which one is right for you.

Each juicer has its own strengths and weaknesses. The best tip I’ve learned is to choose the best juicer for what you want to juice. Makes sense right? Here are the top 3 juicers, based on reading reviews, comparing prices and considering individual needs. Which juicer is best for you?

L’Equip 10.5 or 215XL Juicer



Juicing Style: The No-Fuss Juicer – You value speed and ease, above all. Your juicing style is simple – preferring fresh orange juice, apple juice with maybe the occasional bit of celery or carrot. You’re looking for a healthy drink, with little fuss.


  • $100-$200 (USD)


  • powerful – which also means fast
  • there’s no need for chopping
  • easy to clean
  • compact design
  • affordable price


  • does not juice leafy greens or herbs
  • will only juice fruit, has no other functions
  • does not extract as many nutrients as a slow-press juicer
  • loud

Check out the L’Equip 215XL juicer on Amazon

Hurom 350D Slow Juicer


Juicing Style: The Juice Artist – You love being creative and want to juice everything under the sun! The combination of kiwi fruit and wheat grass intrigues you and you’re not afraid to try new combinations. You need a juicer that offers you variety, so that you can have fun experimenting with soft fruit, hard fruits and leafy greens!


  • around $400 USD


  • slow juicer, extracts more flavour and nutrients than fast juicers
  • juices a wide variety of fruit and veg


  • can sometimes create a foamy, pulpy juice
  • can become clogged when juicing leafy greens

Check out the Hurom 350D slow juicer on Amazon

Omega 8000 Series Juicer


Juicing Style: The Monster Green Juicer – You value juice for its nutritional value above all else. You’re mostly interested in juicing leafy greens and herbs and want to extract every last bit nutrient from them. Though many people find the flavor of a green juice hard to swallow, you think there’s nothing more delicious than a tall glass of health! Plus, you love experimenting and finding ways of making your green juice taste great – adding a little ginger and lemon zing! You’re looking for a machine to help you eat for optimal health and love the other functions it provides: grinding fresh flours, making home-made pasta and making frozen banana ice-cream for dessert!


  • around $300 USD


  • slow juicer – extracts highest amounts of flavor and nutrients
  • extracts more juice from leafy greens and herbs
  • has other functions other than juicing
  • very quiet
  • very easy to clean


  • cannot juice soft fruits
  • must cut fruit and veg into small pieces

Check out the Omega 8000 series juicer on Amazon

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