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You know the saying, if you want something to get done it is best to do it yourself. This ever popular quote couldn’t have been more true for Heida Magnusdottir, the creator of the super adorable Booster Bug which is a brand new concept created to give children a boost at the table while also improving posture and concentration.

Heida created the very first Booster Bug in reaction to seeing her own son struggle to reach the table from a regular chair. His ability to concentrate, stay still and be in the moment was also an issue and the air-filled cushion of the Booster Bug allows for subtle movements when sitting which helps to actively strengthen and engage core muscles which results in better posture and a more alert child.

It doesn’t hurt that the extremely cute and colourful design is an instant hit with the little ones. The Booster Bug, which looks like a ladybug, come in three different colours: traditional red, pink and green. It can be used either on a chair or on the floor and households with multiple children are warned that more then one Booster Bug may be required as there may be arguments over who gets to use the Bug next! The Booster Bug can be purchased for $450 at Bumps to Babes or online.


From the experts

“I have seen the benefits of the Booster Bug both personally and professionally. It is designed to be interesting and engaging to children and allow them to access needed support without feeling different”. – Dr. Tara S. Levinson, PhD, Educational and Child Psychologist

“It is so easy to get the children to sit on the bugs during floor time. The children are working on their tummy muscles and sitting skills frequently throughout the day, which is perfect for long-term change. I also love that the children can play with the antennas or feet, which is great for little ones who always need to fiddle with something, a truly great product”. – Leith Kaus, M Occ Thy, BSC, Registered Occupational Therapist

From the parents

“The Booster Bugs are perfect for giving little bottoms a lift at the table”. – Mother of three wiggly boys

“My son carries his bug everywhere! He sits on it in front of the TV, at the table and even in the car”. – Mother of 5 year-old.

From the kids

“Really comfortable and feels like a massage on my bottom”. – 7 year-old

“It is squishy and comfy, I love it”. – 9 year-old

From the Auntie

“Bugs are terrific for adults too. I am a well known fidgeter and the pink Booster Bug that now lives in my house has been a fixture on my bum ever since I brought it home! What was going to be a present for my little nieces may become a selfish little gift for myself…” – Auntie Maura, Sassy Mama

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