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Team Sassy Mama Shares Its Family Christmas Traditions

family christmas traditions team sassy mama
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From our Sassy Mama family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is family time and every family does it a little differently. We asked all the awesome women in our office what they most associate with this festive period and how they celebrate it with their families. If you’d like to share your own family traditions with us, do send us an email with an image of your beautiful family!

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christmas family traditions maura

Maura Thompson, Founder, Sassy Media Group

  • With two kids in the mix, we rotate who gets to put the star on the tree each year. We always have a picture of this which helps to remember the order each year (mums will know that it gets harder and harder to keep track of who did it last year!). I am already having visions of being strict with this rule in years to come and insisting on waiting until that year’s star hanger comes home from college to add the finishing touch to the tree!
  • Being American, I believe Christmas does not officially begin until after Thanksgiving! Growing up, we started decorating our house the day after Thanksgiving, so I have strong associations with the holiday season starting officially on Black Friday.

christmas family traditions vicky

Vicky Huffey, Managing Director, Sassy Media Group

  • My parents used to leave us stockings in our bedroom that had sugar mice, an orange, some nuts and small presents in them. I’m sure they did it to keep us amused, so we wouldn’t wake them up at 5am! We’d normally ignore the fruit & nuts and eat the mice first thing, so we’d start off the day with a massive sugar high and full of energy (so maybe not such a smart idea by my parents, after all!).

christmas family traditions caroline

Caroline Jones, Managing Editor, Sassy Media Group

  • Every Christmas Day, we always have a glass of Bucks Fizz with breakfast (which generally consists of cracking into a tin of Celebrations or Roses) and open our stockings (you’re never too old, after all!)!
  • I mainly associate certain comforting smells with Christmas – waking up to the aroma of turkey roasting in the oven, mulled wine simmering on the stove and spiced scented candles. As well as lots of family time, of course!

family christmas traditions jess

Jess Mizzi, Editor, Sassy Mama

  • When my husband and I spent our first Christmas together, we didn’t really bother about presents. Instead, we each bought the other a meaningful decoration. The tree looked a bit sparse at first, but we’ve kept up the tradition and look forward to putting our tree up each year to reminisce on our years together. There are ornaments from our travels and some that just fit the other’s personality perfectly. Now that we have our son, we’ve got him into the decorations as well!

family christmas traditions anita

Anita Balagopalan, Editor, Sassy Mama

  • Growing up, Christmas has always been about having lunch with our nearest and dearest. When I was younger we used to have Christmas lunch with my dad’s colleague and business partner; when in college, with my besties and when I moved to HK, with friends who are like family.
  • Embarrassingly, another Christmas tradition is me getting tipsy on the day. It happened first when I was at my dad’s business partner’s house and I was worried that I’d make a fool of myself. I turned to confide in my mum who ‘fessed up to being tipsy herself! Nowadays, I don’t drink quite as much, but my husband is manfully continuing this tradition for me!

family christmas traditions mansha

Mansha Channa, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Media Group

  • On Christmas Day, we open our presents under the tree and then head over to my parents’ house for Christmas brunch. They always spoil us by whipping up an extensive feast with all our favourites. We then play Secret Santa and open presents, one by one, under the tree trying to guess who bought the gift. The feeling of being together as a family and spending quality time with each other is something I treasure and associate most with Christmas.

family christmas traditions sam

Sam Book, Marketing Manager, Sassy Media Group

  • Since leaving our hometown, my brother and I haven’t spent more than six months living in the same city (or country for that matter), but one thing that does seem to stay the same is that we end up driving “home” for Christmas together. It’s become one of my favourite things about the festive season. When we were younger we fought like cats and dogs (even on Christmas Day!), but we get on really well now. So, a few hours in the car on quiet roads surrounded by English countryside (he always drives, thankfully!), singing along to the cheesiest Christmas playlist we can find, with the anticipation of my Uncle’s Christmas Dinner is something I really look forward to.

family christmas traditions lydia

Lydia Ching, Editorial Intern, Sassy Media Group

  • My family always goes back to Sweden to visit my grandparents for Christmas. Making Swedish gingerbread (pepparkakor) is on top of our to-do list. In fact, freshly-baked gingerbread (straight out of the oven) is what I most associate with Christmas. My family and I also try to catch the fireworks at night.

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Featured image and artwork by Sassy Media Group.

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