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La Boucherie: Baby’s First Foods Delivered Straight to Your Door

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Bon appétit!

Of the many milestones in a baby’s first year, one of the sweetest is when they take their first bite of solid food (grab those cameras, mama!). We know busy mamas have so little time to spare, so we’re always on the look out for ways to simplify life (we’ve got your back!) so you can spend quality time with your little ones. Good news, mamas! One of our favourite online French food stores, La Boucherie, just started carrying the baby food line, Yooji. Now you can stock up on premium French meats, pastries and champagne, along with 10 unique flavours of Yooji’s revolutionary baby food line.

Yooji baby food consists of individual frozen pellets of mashed vegetables and meat crafted from carefully selected ingredients. What’s more, the flavours become more sophisticated as your baby grows, so a younger baby will have options such as broccoli, green beans and peas, while an older one can dine on eggplant, chicken, beef, cod and salmon. In a blink of an eye, your little one will be almost old enough to enjoy prime vegetables and foods such as ratatouille.

Each pellet is perfectly portioned out for your bubba. Plus, warming up the food has never been easier – it can be done within five minutes from freezer to serving temperature! You really have the best of both worlds, as the servings minimise food waste and saves time in the kitchen. Perfect!

Convenience is great, but some reservations about feeding frozen food to your little one? Fear no more! Freezing the baby food at Yooji will not affect the quality of the food because all the products are low-temp-steam-cooked in France and quickly frozen to preserve the organoleptic quality, vitamins and nutrients. In addition, Yooji products have been developed with the help of paediatricians and nutritionists, and the products used are all issued from the UE organic culture, certified and controlled (all bases covered, mama!).

If this sounds like the time saver you’re looking for, first time users of La Boucherie can get 10% off of Yooji products. Just enter the code MamaYooji2017 before 30 April, 2017 to redeem the offer.

La Boucherie is every mama’s best friend as our go-to one-stop online shop for all those French necessities and super healthy, convenient baby food. The best bit? You can order all your pantry needs from France’s finest culinary staples in the comfort of your own home and have it all delivered right to you door within 48 hours! Perfect.

Brought to you in partnership with La Boucherie

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