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Chi Lin Vegetarian

Long Men Lou, Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

Why not take a cultural break with the fam and head over to Nan Lian Gardens? Hailed as one of Hong Kong’s greatest ‘open museums’, these beautiful Tang dynasty gardens are frequently overshadowed by the Big Buddha looming in the background. But if you and the kiddies decide to sneak behind the Silver Strand waterfall, you’ll find Chi Lin Vegetarian – a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant founded on a devoted respect for nature. As both a stroller friendly and relatively easy location to get to despite its distance, there are even high chairs for the littlest little and changing stations in the bathrooms. Rather than resorting to faux meat substitutes, Chi Lin Vegetarian’s menu is focused on bringing out the natural flavours of the fresh vegetables they use, rather than forcing them to taste like something they’re not. Grab a seat next to the window if you can: you and your kids will be utterly enraptured by the waterfall rushing past all meal long!

The afternoon tea menu is priced at roughly $55, whereas regular meals require a minimum spend of $85. Reservations recommended.

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