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Second Nurture Nannies

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Contact Lara Stace on 9759 3703 / [email protected] or and Narelle Trunks on 9031 8482 / [email protected]

Second Nurture Nannies provide Western 24-hour live-in maternity nurses that contribute to the total care of both mother and baby in the exhausting weeks after childbirth. They can help establish feeding and sleeping routines, integrate the newborn into family life, provide help, support and guidance in all aspects of the baby’s daily routine and get up during the night to feed and change the baby – ensuring you get some precious shut-eye! Give Second Nurture Nannies a list of your requirements, preferences and any additional info that may help and they’ll cook up a list of suitable candidates, who you can then interview personally. They also offer regular nannies (who will help with feeding, washing and cleaning), nanny shares between two families and babysitters.

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