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Don’t Miss New French Courses at Kameleon Languages Training Center!

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With so many language learning centres and tutors available, Hong Kong can be a great place to raise a bilingual (or trilingual!) child. And while Mandarin may be an obvious choice, we’re all about expanding our kids’ horizons to pick up as many skills as possible – especially when they’re in their prime language-learning stages! If you’re looking to tick off ‘fluent in French’ in your little one’s skill book, look no further than Kameleon Languages Training Center for one of the most original French training courses we’ve seen in Hong Kong. Interested to find out more? Don’t miss their next Open House on Saturday, 18 April for a full-on introduction to all their unique classes and programmes!

Created in 2012 by Maria Mallet – an experienced teacher trainer specialised in language acquisition – Kameleon Languages has just opened a new dedicated training center in Central for all you Hong Kong island mamas looking to enrol your babies or toddlers in an educational playgroup. They offer a range of full-immersion classes and dynamic curriculum based on the Common European Framework of Reference for kids, and are all about blending language learning into exciting cultural discovery.

Kameleon Languages offers French courses aimed at children aged 0-12 years old, and with classes of 1 to 5 students per class, you can be sure that your kids will be getting personalised training tailored to their learning needs. Original activities offered at Kameleon include puppet storytelling, cooking for toddlers, gymnastics and pottery to ensure the learning experience is both fun and dynamic, while promoting communication skills and self-confidence.

New French Courses for Kids offered at Kameleon include:

French Gym and Massage (0-5 years old): This playgroup aims to develop kids’ motor skills and is led by a dedicated French teacher and physiotherapist.

French Arts and Crafts (1.5-5 years old): Arts and crafts activities are highlighted in this course to expand each student’s creativity while sharpening their French skills.

French Club (1.5-5 years old): This dynamic playgroup covers a wide range of activities, including a hands-on puppet storytelling workshop.

For more information, head on down to Kameleon’s free Opening Event on Saturday, 18 April, from 2-5pm, for a full rundown on the different French courses available as well as participative workshops and activities. Register for classes, check out the spacious facilities, learn about the curriculum and enjoy complimentary refreshments as you mix and mingle with the Kameleon team!

Kameleon Languages Training Center, 1/F, Shama Central Building, 26 Peel Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong, 2880 0049,

Brought to you in partnership with Kameleon Languages Training Center

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