06 - 31 Oct‘20

Drink Pink With Feather & Bone

SMHK Drink pink with feature & bone
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Feather & Bone is flaunting a proud pink this October in support of Breast Cancer Aid and Awareness! Time to support Breast Cancer Awareness month with a glass (or two)! This month, Feather & Bone is partnering with AIX to drink pink in contribution to the cause. For those looking to sip on their Rosé on their couch, you can also shop for a bottle online or in-store! Feather & Bone will donate a portion of the sales to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, an organisation dedicated to breast health education, patient support, research and more.

Image courtesy of Feather & Bone.

Event Price

$95 per glass of AIX Rosé, $260 per carafe of AIX Rosé, $420 per bottle of AIX Rosé

Event Location