27 Apr‘15

From KEE to Zen

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MAYYA + MOVEMENT is pleased to announce a third collaboration with KEE Club, a healthy evening ‘From KEE to Zen’ on Monday, 27 April 2015 from 6.30-10pm following the success of two sold-out events in January and February.

The exclusive ‘From KEE to Zen’ evening starts with a full yoga session set to DJ mixed beats with Nealy Fischer and also includes an informative talk from Colin Symmonds, a US trained physiotherapist with a Masters in Orthopaedics and a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science, sharing insights on spinal rehabilitation, sports injuries and women’s health issues.

Nealy Fischer is the founder and visionary leader of MAYYA + MOVEMENT as well as a dedicated mother of four. She has been a change maker in the fitness and yoga industries for over 18 years and is active in combining her wealth of experience to curate luxury health events and nutrition and fitness inspiration to help people lead healthy balanced and confident lives.

MAYYA + MOVEMENT is a pioneering lifestyle approach empowering men and women – in Asia and beyond – to realise and actualise their healthiest, happiest and greatest selves. Based in Hong Kong, MAYYA + MOVEMENT provides fresh tools and everyday inspiration to help followers lay a wellbeing foundation for lifelong transformation.

To register for the event, email [email protected].

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KEE Club
32 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong