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Hong Kong Club Membership: Best Private Member Clubs For Families

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There are plenty of exclusive, private member clubs in Hong Kong. We’ve found out everything from Hong Kong club membership fees to reciprocal club memberships, facilities for children and more, so you can pick the Hong Kong club that’s perfect for your family!

Private member clubs offer their members a wealth of social, cultural, sporting and dining options. In a cramped city like Hong Kong where space is at a premium, private member clubs often have exclusive and world-class sports facilities, ideal for children to play and learn sports. Not all clubs allow children, however, and not all are welcoming to families in Hong Kong (many are open only to members of one profession, say bankers). We have selected the best private member clubs in Hong Kong that are perfect for family memberships.

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the spin club private members club

The Spin Club – Members-only club for sports enthusiasts

The Spin Club is Hong Kong’s newest private member club for sports enthusiasts in the city. It has been launched by Smile Xu, a national-level Ping Pong player turned entrepreneur. The Spin Club offers table tennis, golf and dance facilities and professional training to junior athletes and adults in Hong Kong (so your budding sports stars get the coaching they need to succeed!). It offers luxurious and exclusive amenities for its members including a concierge service, a fine dining restaurant and a private party space. Membership fees are based on the number of sports opted for. Family membership starts at $108,000 and junior membership starts at $10,000.

The Spin Club, 2628 0211, [email protected],

Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) – Family-oriented sports and recreation club

The LRC goes back a long way! It was founded in 1883 and still carries that grandeur. It has approximately 5,000 members (individual and corporate membership available). Weekday and sports membership options are also available. Besides its excellent sporting facilities and coaches, it also has a Kids Klub for children below 7 years and The Hub, for all ages with air hockey, table tennis, video games and other facilities. It is also an ideal party venue for your children’s birthdays.

Ladies Recreation Club (LRC), 10 Old Peak Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, 3199 3500,

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aberdeen marina club private member club for kids hk

Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) – Popular private member club for families on the south side of Hong Kong

If your child has ever been invited to a party in Aberdeen Marina Club (and who hasn’t?), chances are that you have looked around at the two-level indoor play area with sheer envy! This is a paradise for children with its giant slide and rope nets and you can let them loose here while you enjoy the rest of the facilities at the AMC (spa, pool and seven restaurants to choose from). AMC also has 10 banqueting venues for corporate and private gatherings. The Aberdeen Marina Club is managed by Shangri-La International and membership is by invitation. It also has reciprocal club tie-ups in California and Malaysia.

Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC), 8 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, 2555 8321,

Hong Kong Football Club – Hong Kong club known for sporting excellence

Every Sunday, it’s common to see families living on Stubbs Road, in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai heading for a family brunch at the Hong Kong Football Club. The club has a wide range of sports facilities from football (naturally!) to tennis, bowling, squash and golf simulation. It has two children’s playrooms and great family dining options. The Hong Kong Football Club offers different types of club memberships, from full (sports) membership to weekday membership for individuals, along with corporate memberships.

Hong Kong Football Club, 3 Sports Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, 2830 9500,

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hong kong jockey club hkjc membership fees and children's corner

Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) – Children’s facilities in all HKJC clubhouses across Hong Kong

Though the Hong Kong Jockey Club started primarily for horse racing and betting, it is a charitable, community-building and family-friendly institution. It owns and operates clubhouses at various locations in the city and each of them have something for the kids! It has large indoor playrooms in the Happy Valley old and new clubhouses, the Sha Tin clubhouse and the Beas River Country Club, along with a large outdoor adventure zone at the Beas River location. It offers horse riding classes and a variety of workshops around taking care of horses, farms and composting. The full Hong Kong Jockey Club membership fee (which allows spouses and children under 21 to use the HKJC facilities) is $850,000. HKJC membership comes with reciprocal memberships at other racing clubs across the world.

Hong Kong Jockey Club, various locations across Hong Kong,

The American Club Hong Kong – Children’s facilities in the Country Club location

The American Club Hong Kong is celebrating 100 years in Hong Kong next year. This well-established institution has two locations – its Central location is ideal for business meetings, while its Country Club location in Tai Tam is perfect for taking the family over weekends. Claiming to have something for kids of all ages, the American Club has The Eagle’s Nest for the little ones (a whopping 10,000 square foot play area) and Joe’s for teenagers with big-screen TVs, gaming systems, air hockey and more.

The American Club Hong Kong – The Country Club, 28 Tai Tam Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong, 2842 7400

The American Club Hong Kong – The Town Club, 48/F & 49/F, Two Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong, 2842 7400,

clearwater bay golf and country club hong kong

The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club – Family private member club in the New Territories

This club aims to provide world-class golf, yachting, recreational and dining facilities to its members. It’s an ideal place for a day away from the bustling city life (it also has a secluded grotto area which is ideal for a family picnic!). This club is great for parties and private events and offers many classes for children and adults (swimming, sailing, golf, tennis and more). Justin Rose, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist once praised the club and golf enthusiasts will be proud to know that its signature hole, number three, has been awarded as one of the 500 Best Holes in the world.

The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, 139 Tai Au Mun Road, Clearwater Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2335 3700,

The Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen – Affordable country club membership for families

This is another option to look at in the New Territories. Ordinary membership fees(currently full) start at a reasonable $47,000 and give you access to all the sports and dining facilities. This members club has an indoor and outdoor play area, a skating path, a children’s gaming room and sports facilities for squash, tennis, swimming and more.

The Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen, 8 Town Centre Crescent, Hong Lok Yuen, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2657 8899,

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the royal hong kong yacht club private member club

Other Hong Kong Club Membership Options For Families

  • Hong Kong Cricket Club

A private member’s club that focuses on sports and sports classes for kids, from cricket to tennis, yoga and more. It has a great venue for children’s birthday parties as well.

  • The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC)

This members-only club is a little stricter about children using its facilities, with the bar and some dining rooms being off limits. It’s a great place for kids to learn sailing and water sports and participate in holiday camps.

  • Hong Kong Country Club

At a time when private member clubs were not open to everyone, this club in Deep Water Bay was primarily set up with the idea of creating a social and family club with good amenities where residents of all nationalities and races could meet socially without fear of discrimination.


The Hong Kong Golf And Tennis Academy is the perfect place for your children to begin learning sports, music, technology and more.

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exclusive hk club membership soho house private members club hk

Other Exclusive Private Member Clubs In Hong Kong

These Hong Kong club memberships are very sought-after! While these members-only clubs are great to get into, many of them have a strict no-children policy on certain days and during business meeting hours, though they are more relaxed on the weekends.

  • Soho House

Soho House Hong Kong is popular members-only club for creative individuals. It’s meant for adults, but you can bring your children in as guests. Check the house rules and remember that they are not allowed in the Pool Room.

  • The China Club

The China Club is an elegant, exclusive members-only club filled with art and antiques from Sir David Tang. It’s bound to impress guests but given the price of every artefact around, it may be best to leave the little ones at home while dining here.

  • FCC

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club has a charm of its own, decorated with old newspaper front pages from over the years. Children are not allowed in the main bar, but are welcome in the dining area on weekends.

  • The Whale Club

A private member’s club for connoisseurs of the good things in life, from art to collectables and fine wine.

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  This post includes paid and editorial listings. Main image courtesy of Getty, image 1 courtesy of Spin Club, image 2 courtesy of Aberdeen Marina Club, image 3 courtesy of The Hong Kong Jockey Club via Facebook, image 4 courtesy of The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club via Facebook, image 5 courtesy of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, image 6 courtesy of The Soho House Hong Kong. 

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