01 Mar‘16

GAPS 101: The basics to your internal health

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Welcome to the beginning of your internal health journey.

In this class, you will learn all the basic recipes you’ll need to kick start the GAPS diet.

By learning how to handle some key ingredients, you’ll find how easy and simple this diet plan can be and most of all, we want you to experience the benefits from improving your gut’s health.
This class is designed for all beginners – including domestic helpers, to attend and we will walk you through the concept of this diet and tips on how to stick to this diet without falling off the wagon.

What will you learn?
• How to prepare the basic items to kick start the GAPS diet plan which will help increase your internal health.
• Which ingredients to choose. (We will provide you with an easy reference list of recommended items for you or your helper to do shopping)
• Options of useful tools you might want to consider once you are comfortable with this diet. (Food processor, high power blender, Juicer, Emersion Blender, Food Dehydrator)
• Suggestions how to use the GAPS diet basic items in different recipes and prepare a variety of dishes.
• How to use the two books, “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” along with the recipe book “Internal Bliss” and how this class will cover extra information that you can benefit from which is not written in the books.

• Ghee (Clarified Butter)
• Yogurt (Pasteurised)
• Natural probiotic (Sauerkraut)
• Bone Broth
• How to prepare your nuts and seeds (Soaking, making nut/seed Butter, Flour and Milk)

Things to bring: apron, hand towel, pen

Time: 10.30 am – 12 noon

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Sesame Kitchen
21/F, Yiuga Factory Building, No.62 Victoria Road, Hong Kong