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Sassy Mama’s Guide to the Faust Festival 2015

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It’s that time of year again, when the Shouson Theatre is packed to the brim with beaming faces, families, tiny costumes and no shortage of laughter. That’s right – the Faust Festival is back for another round! The educational youth theatre troupe is bringing a fantastic range of family-friendly shows performed by each of their groups, ranging from the 4-5 year old thespians in Group BH to the teen theatrics over at Group T. Running from 26 May through to 21 June, you’ll be able to choose from over 60 performances and we’ve selected a few of our faves below for you!

For the gumshoe detectives – Kip Marlowe and the Broadway Caper

Group J (ages 7-10)
Always a favourite at the Faust Festival, this absolutely thrilling and hilarious look at the world of 1940s Broadway behind the scenes is definitely one to watch out for. A mystery’s afoot at one of Broadway’s hottest musicals and the only seemingly sane person has been called in to investigate – salt of the earth Detective Kip Marlowe. Expect femme fatales, shifty stagehands and quips to spare at this fantastic play written by Keon Lee.

When: 16 June, 6pm and 17 June, 8pm

For the Shakespeare fanatics – What You Will

Group C2 (ages 11-14)
This modern reimagining of Shakespeare’s play is one set in a fair high school, where the students lay their scene. They’ll be bringing the best of Shakespeare’s storylines to modern hallways where some of the bard’s favourite characters are reimagined as students and teachers, which naturally means chaos is in store. An awesome intro to Shakespeare for the kiddos.

When: 31 May, 8pm and 3 June, 8pm


For the lost boys and girls – Saving Neverland

Group S (actors 8-11)
Peter Pan’s a story loved by families all over, however here’s your chance to find out what happened before the Darlings came to Neverland. Follow the original tale of Peter and the lost boys to see how they wound up all in the Home Underground and just why Captain Hook’s such a baddie. Hold on to your happy thoughts and grab a handful of fairy dust mama, we’re heading to Neverland.

When: 27 May, 6pm and 30 May, 8pm

For the social media queens – Mobile Phone Show

Group T (ages 13-16)
Devised by Group T… wait, I’ll get back to you in a second, I just need to check my Instagram. The Mobile Phone Show is all about how we’ve become so glued to technology that we can’t imagine coping without it. Comprised of a number of short sketches both funny and somber, this thought-provoking play is one worth putting your phone down for.

When: 16 June, 8pm and 18 June, 8pm

For the gap-toothed littles – The Secret of the Tooth Fairies

Group U (ages 4-5)
Ever wondered why tooth fairies love teeth so much? Or maybe what they do on their days off? That’s exactly what a group of children are determined to find out in this play, where they stay up past curfew in order to meet the fairies obsessed with their pearly whites. Maybe keep an eye on the kiddos’ bedtime the next time they lose a tooth!

When: 30 May, 11am and 31 May, 2pm


Of course, these are just a few of the fun shows running over at the Shouson Theatre and it’s well worth taking a look at the schedule here to find out more. Snag tickets now online through Urbtix, or at Tom Lee Music stores and Urbtix outlets.

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