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Sassy Mama Supports: Food Savior, the Solution to Food-Waste in Hong Kong

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Last minute deals from Hong Kong’s coolest restaurants… all for a good cause

When Hong Kong’s skies thicken with pollution, it’s normal to crank up the purifier, curse the factories in China and spiralling street traffic, but did you know food waste is a huge contributor to our smog-ridden skies? According to the UN, if food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the USA and China. Food waste is a huge problem in Hong Kong. From the endless brunches to all-you-can-eat buffets, many of our tables are overflowing, and perfectly good dishes are being thrown away.

Food Savior is a new social enterprise that connects customers with restaurants and cafes offering huge discounts and special deals on dishes they have left over from service. It aims to curb food waste by offering “last minute deals” on tasty, perfectly edible dishes – essentially a digital version of the supermarket discount cornerFood Savior is a win-win-win idea – consumers benefit because they get delicious food at bargain prices, restaurants are happy because they get to sell surplus dishes they spent time, money and love in preparing, and the planet wins because less food ends up in landfill.

Co-founder Liz Thomas says, “One of the world’s culinary capitals, Hong Kong is a city of food lovers. But it is also a wasteful place. Every day we throw out 3,382 tonnes of food, the equivalent weight of eight Airbus 380 planes, to landfill. Food Savior is a way to help change that.”

Cali Mex, Monsieur Chatte, Commissary, 208 Duecento Otto, SpiceBox Organics, La Cabane Wine & Cheese Cellar, Jinjuu, Café D’i, Tartes & Pop, Rummin’ Tings and many more of the city’s foodie hotspots have signed up already. Food Savior is also working with Cafe Sausalito, beloved by parents as it is connected to the the Baumhaus Play Centre, to offer great end of day discounts on cakes, pies, patisserie, and sweet treats to busy mamas and papas.

Customers just need to type in their location to see what’s available nearby. Portions and prices are all clearly listed, so just select what you want and how much you want. Then show your email confirmation at the restaurant, at the agreed collection time, and take away your box of treats, explains co-founder Florent Sollier.

Food Savior offers a reward – restaurants can maximise their sales, consumers eat well for less, and we can reduce the amount of needless waste. As parents we all want to do the best for our kids. It’s important to educate our children on the value of food, and that starts with changing our own habits and attitude to it.

Co-founder Adrien Hay says: “Whichever way you look at it, whether it is from an environmental perspective, a humanitarian perspective, or from an economic perspective – food waste makes no sense. Food Savior is the perfect solution for Hong Kong’s problem as there is a benefit for everyone”.

Food Savior’s aim is for no meal to be wasted and for the people of Hong Kong to check the site as a habit for whenever they are peckish. So instead of ambling the streets trying to find lunch, or a snack – check the site and see what bargains are near you.

Food Savior is now an affiliate member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service’s Zero Waste Alliance, which means it is committed to reducing all elements of waste – including packaging. Customers who bring their own container to take away their order can receive extra discounts and exclusive special offers with participating restaurants. Food Savior also plans to work with supermarkets to help reduce the huge food mountains thrown out by the big chains and with food redistribution charities to give customers the option to donate purchases.

If you’re frustrated by the city’s air quality, horrified by the huge amounts of perfectly good food that is thrown away, and want to highlight how precious the planet’s resources are to your kids, then use Food Savior and join our campaign to #endfoodwaste.

Food Savior,[email protected]

Featured image sourced via 208 Duecento Otto Facebook

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