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Your Hospital Stay Made Easy With Gleneagles All-Inclusive Packages and Private Rooms

Gleneagles Medical packages
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Restful privacy and clear costs guaranteed

When you or a loved one need to stay in hospital, you don’t need the added pressure of understanding hospital costs or dealing with crowded hospital rooms. That’s why Gleneagles offers a patient-centric approach to your stay with all-inclusive, fixed-priced packages. Because, if you have to stay in hospital, it should at least be as stress-free as possible without any fear of ballooning costs or an uncomfortable stay!

The all-inclusive packages cover all the costs involved within the prescribed length of stay; so that means doctor’s fees, room charges (for the standard ward), any operations or treatments, or any further treatments necessary due to any complications, so even the unexpected is taken care of. Peace of mind guaranteed! Whether you’re planning for a hip replacement or an endoscopic procedure, it can be stressful trying to piece together all the costs and logistics of a hospital stay. At Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, over 120 medical packages are  clearly defined from the get-go, so you know not to expect any hidden costs. Each part of the package will be clearly explained during the hospital’s fee advisory service, so the only thing you’ll be worrying about is where to have a welcome home dinner!

When you’re at your most vulnerable, some privacy is really appreciated. In Hong Kong, space and privacy comes at a premium, and if you’ve stayed in private hospitals in Hong Kong, you’ll know that many offer a standard room which can house as many as eight beds in a room. Eight people in a room, plus medical staff and visitors doesn’t exactly say “restful” to us! That’s why we were so impressed to hear that at Gleneagles, there are only two beds in its standard room (yes, that’s standard!).

We know first-hand that when you’re thinking about costs (when all you should be thinking about is getting better) it’s easier to opt for the cheapest arrangement possible, but there is no need to compromise on comfort because at Gleneagles, private rooms are priced at a semi-private rate and only accommodate one patient, and most insurance packages should cover the cost! This means that you can get the rest you need to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, all in the comfort of your own spacious private room. So basically when it comes down to it, all you need to do is turn up, get the treatment you need, and rest up. Exactly how it should be.

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