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ARCH Education: A Summer Boarding School Break Without Leaving Hong Kong!

ARCH Esucation
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Sports coaching and scientific sleuthing at the INSPIRE Summer Program

As parents, we want to explore all options open to our children, but sending your little one off to boarding school is a monumental decision that requires an awful lot of research and contemplation; Will they enjoy the environment? Will the style of teaching be up to scratch? How will we handle the distance as parents? And to make matters more complicated, it’s not like you can simply attend an open day on a random Tuesday to get a feel for the school. So that’s why ARCH Education has invited educators from top UK and US boarding schools to provide an educational and fun boarding experience at its INSPIRE Summer Program. Suitable for 8- to 11-year-olds, the 10-day program aims to provide Hong Kong students with exposure to boarding school teaching and culture in the convenience of their home city.

ARCH education INSPIRE program

The theme of this year’s program is “Junior Detectives: Improbable and Impossible” where history, literature and drama will be combined to engage junior sleuths in discovering the world of Sherlock Holmes, his trusty sidekick Dr.Watson, and other famous crime fighting detectives. On top of that, students will explore how modern-day STEM and robotics can be used to solve crimes and they’ll even get the chance to build their own robot! And to round out their summer education, it’s no coincidence that the program will be held at the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, as the INSPIRE program will be serving up (pun intended) some world-class tennis and golf coaching.

INSPIRE Summer Program Golf and Tennis

If you’ve chatted with your child about the possibility of boarding school, this will be a great opportunity for kids to dip their toes into the boarding school lifestyle. They will be living, dining and learning with their new friends, and will have access to some of the most up-to-date teaching from overseas. Even if boarding school isn’t for your family, keeping the kids entertained over the summer can be tough! There’s only so much you can plan to keep them busy and away from spending the entire summer in front of a screen. The INSPIRE program will keep them active, engaged and excited to learn, all while making new friends and having a blast. And we really won’t judge you if you enjoy the child-free break a little too much…

The INSPIRE program will be held from 1 to 10 August at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy. You can find out more about the camp here.

To sign up for the INSPIRE program call 3568 0406 or email

About ARCH Education

Founded in 2009 by Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates, ARCH Education is a leading educational institute based in Hong Kong. ARCH’s mission is to bridge the education gap in skills, preparation, academics, careers and opportunities. Through the combined approach of delivering transformational programs and providing expert guidance on international education, we equip students for their future educational and career goals.

Brought to you in partnership with ARCH Education. Images courtesy of ARCH Education.  

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