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Some Of The Best New Apps For Kids Of All Ages

Kids using apps on tablets
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Download these apps to guarantee smooth tantrum-free journeys and screen time with a difference

Picture this – day one of the school hols and your precious little person is already “bored”. Whether you’re trying to fill up those holiday hours, facing a mammoth journey and need to keep the kids entertained, or you need to rely on the iPad as an occasional babysitter this summer, just to get some peace and quiet –  these new apps are not only fun but also a good way to keep the brain cells engaged when school’s out! Happy downloading!

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For Littles Up To Age 5
For Middles: Ages 5 to 8
Older kids: Ages 8 and up

For Littles Up To Age 5

new apps for kids

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

An epic adventure of logic, physics and fun! With 228 physics puzzles, 12 fairytale castles, toothy crocodiles, goofy ghosts and a friendly dragon, your little ones are guaranteed hours of fun-filled play and brain training (in fact this app is loved by older kids, too). Unleash the magic and let your young knight or princess embark on an epic quest of twists and turns.

Toca Nature

Experience a little of Mother Nature’s magic. When the outdoors is scorching your little ones can still be planting trees, growing forests, feeding animals and even make friends with a fox.


A is for Apple, B is for… BORED! Yup, most of the alphabet games don’t get our kids super excited but this one’s a little different. Users will be encouraged to poke, prod, drag, and spin each of the letters to reveal fun transformations. A giant ‘B’ appears with a bushy beard and a beak – and then starts belching an endless stream of colourful bugs.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carles’ brilliant little story comes alive in a 3D interactive app which will have kids nurturing the little caterpillar from its egg stage right until it becomes a butterfly, feeding fruits, playing and more – almost like a virtual pet!


Anything which involves animals is always a huge hit in our household and this new little game is going to be a guaranteed winner! The basic game involves your kids identifying the correct cartoon animal based on clues including emotions, actions, sounds and more. Once they pick the right character, a new scene appears.

For Middles: Ages 5 to 8

Weather - app for kids

Weather by Tinybop

Yup, we’re obsessed by the weather – especially when we live in Hong Kong and the weather is so changeable! Through interactive scenes, the kids can do anything from melt ice to help someone fish, cool the temperature for a panting dog or unleash all kinds of craziness through tornados and storms plus learn how to tell what kind of weather it’ll be outside (um…humid?!) .

Toca Blocks

A fun world-building app for the pre-minecraft crowd that allows kids to create worlds, play in them and share them with friends, too. Perfect for children who are into digging and building stuff.

DNA Play

What could be cooler than creating your own monsters while learning about the concept of DNA (see, there’s an element of learning in here too!). And once they’re made, the kids can get their monsters doing everything from skateboarding to dancing and more!


Literally one of the most genius app ideas I’ve seen in ages – and one that’s perfect for kids who love making and crafting. All they have do is select a template (human, car, etc) then use the app to decorate it either by importing photos, painting, adding stickers, etc. The app will then create a 3D model which can be printed out, cut and folded so that it exists in the real world too.


This app is perfect for would-be animators! Let your little animal lover design their own fish and bring it to life on screen.  It’s very simple, the kids start by drawing a fish on a white piece of paper, colouring it in then holding the iPad over the drawing and watch as their fishy friend comes to life!

Older kids: age 8 up

namoo app

Namoo: Wonders Of Plant Life 

A kind of virtual forest school where kids can engage in and explore the life of plants, learning about everything from how they make food to experimenting with underground root systems. Perfect for curious minds.

Earth Primer

How about making volcanoes with your finger tips? Or sculpting mountains and controlling the forces of nature?! This beautifully designed app combines aspects of science books, toys, simulations, and games in a new interactive experience that’ll prompt lots of thought and knowledge about our world.

Solar Walk – Planet Explorer

Mini astronomy lovers this one’s for you! Solar Walk is an amazing 3D model of our solar system bringing the universe to the palm of your hand and allowing you to interact with planets, satellites, moons, comets and other space objects. Hitch a ride on a comet, spin Saturn around to take a good look and just zoom around our universe. Super cool.

Operation Math

Yes I know, the idea of getting them to do math during the holidays might seem like a crazy one but this app makes this often uninspiring subject quite fun (honestly!). Defeat Dr. Odd and earn the latest spy gear in a game that transforms math drills into a global learning adventure. From the streets of Paris to the pyramids of Egypt, Operation Math includes more than 100 timed missions that help players learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Universal Zoom

Another for all those curious kids and endless question askers! Universal Zoom provides users with a superpower of seeing the invisible so that you can discover the world from the tiniest subatomic particles to the most prominent space structures plus learn how to measure size and compare objects too.

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