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A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Learning at Stamford American School

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Innovation without compromise: setting students up for success at Stamford American School

When it comes to our children’s education, we can all agree that a strong foundation in academics is important. But for parents with more than one child will know that every single kid is different and unique in their own way. Big bro’s temperament and learning style can be vastly different from little sis’ personality and learning style. When choosing a school, it’s important that the curriculum and teaching staff recognise that as well.

Stamford American School prides itself on seeing each student as an individual learner with endless opportunities to learn. Through a variety of differentiated learning strategies the expert staff are dedicated to help each student reach their potential. The growing tried-and-tested trend over the last several years in education has been inquiry-based learning where your child is encouraged to ask lots of questions about what they’re learning. Through his/her questions, they’re motivated to find the answers through a variety of ways. As any mama can attest, most children have no problem asking “why” questions – especially when it comes to doing chores or playing nicely with their siblings! We can thank our lucky stars, that their questioning can be put towards good especially as they’re growing and learning at school!

Stamford American School’s philosophy is this: innovation without compromise. As students of the school get every chance to enhance their learning through different methods, the outcome of their learning is still achieved. An inquiry-based programme is blended with the standards based approach with MAP testing to ensure each child is progressing at every step. Stamford parents don’t need to worry that new teaching and learning techniques will hinder their kiddos from advancing. Read: parents don’t need to sacrifice academics for innovative learning approaches. Whew!

While each student can grow from their individual learning plans, they also get to explore all the latest and greatest in innovation and technology. We’re talking about learning from robots to beebots and getting their hand involved in making their very own creations. Stamford American School’s experienced teachers are not the only ones to influence their students, as through its Global Mentor program, students are connected to world class athletes and innovators from around the world. Their achievements and examples are motivating to Stamford students to show them that they can achieve more when the believe they can! It also helps that the curriculum and ethos at Stamford American School sets its students up for success.

If this sounds right up your alley, you will have a chance to find out more from Stamford American School’s Superintendent Malcolm Kay and Head of School Karrie Dietz at one of the upcoming open houses. Go on a campus tour and explore all the facilities available to the students. Learn more about the school vision and applications. For more information click here.

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