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11 Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Kids

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DIY or buy, these costumes promise your family many fun memories!

Halloween is always an exciting time of the year. It’s the one occasion where dressing up in your worst gets you high praise! It’s even more fun to get your little ones looking the part of supervillains, world leaders, their favourite book and movie characters, HK-faves and more. We’ve rounded up some of the quirkiest costume ideas for your children (and you!) that will be easy to put together on your own, or with a quick trip to the prop shops around town.

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Oompa Loompa

Kids, chocolate and a whole load of gibberish! What’s not to love about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The whole family can opt to be Oompa Loompas this year. Get some brightly coloured wigs, white trousers or skirts and braces, and you’re all set to be part of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Ice Ice Baby

We really love this one. It’s a simple and unique DIY project. All it requires is some plastic, clever lettering and a baby!

Baby Shark

If your little one has this rather annoying song playing on repeat in the house, you know what you need to do this Halloween! Chances are you already have a shark-hooded towel lying around at home, so this costume can be put together in no time at all.

Kid + Pet Matching Costumes

We did say that these costumes are for the whole family, so we definitely can’t keep the fur babies away from the action! For pet-crazy households, there is still plenty of time to order matching costumes from Halloween Costumes, so pick a set today!

Princess Leia

May the force be with your little one! Wait for her to fall asleep and snap this precious memory that’s bound to get the approval of your Star Wars crazy husband as well!

Wayne’s World

Another easy one to put together with your kids. This 1992 howlarious film tribute will be a sure-fire winner with your mum squad.

Bubble Tea

When in Hong Kong, drink and be Bubble Tea.

Social Butterfly

This is an easy one to adapt for the whole family. Your daughter probably has a few sets of fairy/butterfly wings lying in her cupboard. Strap one on her and draw butterfly wings on your own face, your partner’s and pick one social media logo each. Together, you can be a family of social butterflies.

Cat Lady

There’s no shame in being a crazy cat lady, so start your daughter young with this innovative costume. All it requires is some simple stitching and a grey wig!

Frankenstein’s Monster

Introduce your tween to the classics this Halloween! This one calls for an advanced level of DIY skill, so if you aren’t proficient with a hot glue gun, opt for the easy route instead and get a readymade costume from Halloween Costumes or Let’s Party.

Headless girl

We’ve saved the best for last! If your kids are up for it and will be able to carry this (and their heads) off with confidence, this will win them all the prizes at every contest there is. We’re not going to lie – it’ll be hard work for you to create the false hands and prop up the dress from behind your child’s back, but we promise it will be well worth it!

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Where to buy

Most of these costumes can be created cleverly with plain T-shirts, face paints, chart paper and colouring pens and paints readily available at home. You’ll find more well-known characters, like those from the Batman series, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and classics like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, will be available at stores such as Matteo Party, Choi Choi and Fortune Costume. You can also choose to source and buy online from Taobao as well as international costumiers. Many Instagrammers will also provide links to accessory and dress shops, so make sure to get in touch with them for ideas, inspiration or just to share the laughs.

Editor’s note: This post was originally posted on 26, October 2015 by Andrea Wada Davies and updated by Anita Balagopalan on 11, October 2019.

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