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Spring Learning’s Classes: Enhancing Neuro-physiological Development

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Baby’s first steps…

The first laugh. The first step. The first words. We as parents wait for these milestones with anticipation. So when we found out about a new class that can help your child achieve neurological milestones, we just had to check it out! Neurosteps by Spring Learning is a specially crafted class created for neuro-physiological development. The bespoke tools and equipment will help your child’s brain develop and reach appropriate developmental milestones through motor-based activities. Best of all, these classes are meant to help you, too, parents! You’ll have the guidance and knowledge when playing with your babies at home. You’ll be able to help them grow even further using the techniques taught in these classes, which will benefit your child (and you!).

So how does it work? Babies as young as 6 weeks old are introduced to coordination and strength exercises, motor planning and balance activities, visual, tactile and auditory skills training, rhythmic and musical exploration and more. Think of it as a fun parent-and-me class that also evolves your child’s brain!

Every child will need these important skills to help them grow. Spring Learning has studied the Asian school system and understands which skills are most important to succeed. Classes are grouped based on age and developmental milestones, starting with “Wrigglers” at 6 weeks and progressing through to “Waddlers” between 12 and 18 months.

Spring Learning has a really cool environment as well. It has a large equipment playground, and each week the layout changes. There is a tree house and café for parents to hang out, so you may even make some like-minded friends while hanging out! And because little ones are so fragile, its IQ Air filter system throughout the centre means healthy air quality as well.

Sassy Mama Perk Sassy Mama readers will get a special trial class for just $200 for trial class. Simply call 3465 5000 to book (from 1 March, 2018 to 29 March, 2018)

Spring Learning, 3/F, Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 3465 5000

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