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Mayarya: Stylish Summer Maternity Looks To Rock Your Bump In

fashionable maternity wear in hong kong
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Expectant mamas can now stay cool in the summer with these stylish looks for the hotter months

I had heard friends complain about being pregnant in the summer months. It’s hard to get creative dressing a bump when you’re already melting down from pregnancy hormones and then you add the blazing sun to the mix.

I was lucky to have my first pregnancy through the winter where I could rely on a hearty supply of layers to flatter my growing shape. But this time I ‘m seeing exactly what they were talking about first hand! Seeing as I am a fashion blogger I knew that I had to do more than rely on maxi dress after maxi dress to get me through the thick of it. This is where Mayarya saved my stretching hide!

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You may know think you know Mayarya, but just like your kiddos grow and change so has this brand. Where before the shop stocked mainly other brands, now they have transformed into designing and manufacturing under their own label.

Founder Reika Shetty oversees the design of the four full time in-house designers. The pieces are based around the idea that you should get more from your maternity wear so they evolve with you transforming from bump- friendly maternity items into pieces you can easily wear as a new mum. Mayarya also boasts prints that are exclusive to the brand so you are sure to have something special. Learning all of this made me quick to pop in so I could figure out summer friendly styles for my new curves. The ladies quickly sorted me with looks to match all of my endeavours. Let’s take a look!

Summer Maternity Leggings Look

In my opinion, pregnancy should come with a free pass to just lie in bed all day and moan if you please. Growing a human is hard work! What better to do that in than a pair of comfy leggings and an incredibly soft t-shirt (also great for maternity leave when you hang at the house all day). But these pieces are more than just what you see. The leggings can be pulled over the bump or folded down post-baby. The top is actually two layers, the outer layer looks like a basic one pocket black tee but when you lift it up, the under layer reveals slits over the bra area making secretive feeding a snap. No more exposing your entire midsection to top up baby’s tummy!

If you are too busy, tired, sick, etc. to make the trip to the store then let the Mayarya team come to you! Simply give them a call and let them know what you are in need of and they will bring the store to your home where you can try everything on with ease. You only pay for the items you like. If you are doing confinement or recovering post C-section this is the answer to any shopping dilemmas you may face (i.e. needing bigger nursing bras).

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Trust me that the moment you go to the store with your week old baby the diaper will explode, the tears will start, and you will wonder how you are ever going to leave the house again. Save yourself the drama (personal experience talking here)!

Summer maternity look, meet up with girlfriends

When you want to meet up with your girlfriends you can check the box on cute and comfy with ease in this off the shoulder white top and palm print shorts. The top is long enough to effortlessly cover your bump (no matter the size) and afterwards looks great half-tucked in boyfriend jeans. The off the shoulder design brings the eye up to your glowing skin while the loose sleeve is very flattering for camouflaging any pregnancy weight gain. Plus this shape is brilliant for breastfeeding later on in your baby journey.

summer maternity business casual

Maternity leave may feel like a long way off when you are entrenched in the day to day of your working world but at least you can make the days more comfortable until then. This asymmetrical top is conservative enough for the office and pairs cleanly with these skinny black pants. I love the slimming seams on these bottoms, which elongate the legs. They pull on like leggings but boast back pockets so you can wear a shorter top too and not give away the fact that you are wearing leggings to the office.

summer maternity date night

Date nights are even more important now than they once were as this is your chance to really get some one on one time with your other half before babe is here. Dress for the occasion in a flattering navy number that moves with you and shows off your best features (hello shoulders and legs!). The pockets are a great addition and add a casual vibe so this dress to looks equally cute with sneakers for a day of running around. Once baby is done sharing the dress with you, unbutton the straps for easy feeding access. The versatility of these pieces is on point making wearing them again and again so easy to do.

If you are expecting then stopping by Mayarya should be on your immediate to do list. You can dress your bump for the summer and beyond including the essentials like belly bands, lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear, diaper bags, and nursing covers. There is even a great range of creams and beauty products for you and the kiddo alike. The brand will also be launching their own denim, lingerie, and sportswear lines so there will soon be more to love. Plus, they now offer free shipping and free returns to Singapore, the USA, and Australia so gifting is a breeze! Seriously, go now and thank me later!

Mayarya (Hong Kong), 26 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; 2968 0929

Mayarya (Kowloon), Shop 103A, 1/F, Mira Mall, 118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon; 2723 0755


All images via Sugarlight Photography.

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