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The Best Baby Strollers In Hong Kong And Where To Buy Them

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Call it a stroller, buggy, pram, pushchair or what you will, this set of wheels will be the most important one in your life for some years to come! From Chicco to Stokke BABYZEN YOYO2, Combi, Bugaboo, Cybex and many more, there are many great toddler and baby strollers to choose from in Hong Kong!

A baby stroller is often one of the most essential baby purchases you will make as a parent. Just as each baby is different, so is each stroller and the ‘stroller-needs’ of every family. They are critical in your baby’s early years (and even later when you’re dealing with a tired toddler or pre-schooler!). If you are a mum who plans well in advance, we would advise you to try using a few options (the new mums in your baby due date club would love it if you offer to push their bub around!). From lightweight umbrellas and buggies to complete heavy-duty travel systems, narrow city strollers to big, twin or combi buggies and many more, find the stroller that is right for you.

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Points To Consider While Choosing A Stroller

How do you know which pram is suitable for you? There are a few factors to keep in mind:

Sassy Mama number peach 1 For what ages is it suitable and is it newborn-compatible?

Newborns need to lie flat and strollers meant for them have to recline completely. If you’re in the market for a stroller for a toddler who only needs it for a quick nap on a hot day, an umbrella stroller that doesn’t recline much should work well.

Sassy Mama number peach 2 How easy is it to fold the stroller?

Ease of foldability is an important deciding factor, especially in Hong Kong, when you need to navigate public transport. The size the stroller folds down to matters as well. Get used to terms like one-hand fold, compact fold, cabin-fold (for flights), etc. and watch videos to understand how your chosen stroller scores in this department.

Sassy Mama number peach 3 How heavy is it to carry?

The weight of the stroller matters if you walk a lot in Hong Kong. While a heavier stroller usually means a less bumpy ride for your baby, it’s a nightmare at MTR exits that don’t have lifts.

Sassy Mama number peach 4 Does it allow you to attach a car seat?

If you own a car or take a lot of taxis, it’s good to get a stroller that’s car seat-compatible. Also, if you travel home frequently where car seat laws are stricter than in Hong Kong.

Sassy Mama number peach 5 Can you attach a buggy board to it?

Planning a second (or third) baby? You might want to check if a buggy board can be added on to your stroller.

Sassy Mama number peach 6 Does it have storage?

Having a baby means carrying food, diapers, a changing mat and a whole lot more. A good stroller should be able to accommodate all of that, along with your weekly grocery bags!

Sassy Mama number peach 7 How much does it cost?

This plays a key role in your decision. Do keep an eye out for second-hand strollers that come up for sale on Facebook groups and in your baby groups.

There are some non-negotiable factors while choosing a stroller, like safety of the buckling system, manoeuvrability and sturdiness. There are other factors too, like how long you plan to use the stroller, but it’s always a possibility that your baby has different plans from you! Keeping whatever is possible to plan in advance, we’ve spoken to different mums around town and lined up our favourite baby strollers in Hong Kong!

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Cybex – Compact and stylish strollers with optimal functionality

Cybex is known for merging innovation with distinctive design, high safety standards and smart functionality, naturally making it a popular stroller option for parents. The COŸA is Cybex’s first ultra-compact travel pushchair that can easily fold up to fit airplane cabins. Cybex’s strollers are also lightweight, provide a breathable backrest and adjustable seat which you can lay flat for newborns – all in all, an investment you won’t regret!

Ages: From newborn to approximately 4 years old.
Price: $5,499
Where To Buy: mothercare, mothercourt and Jakewell.

leclerc stroller hk

leclerc Baby – Stroller that folds with the touch of one button

A new favourite among Hong Kong Mamas, Leclerc is a Dutch brand that offers innovative strollers. The leclerc Magicfold™ Plus and Influencer series strollers are ultra lightweight and fold and unfold with the touch of just one button! It lies practically flat and fits in overhead compartments – perfect for jet-setting tots. Plus, it comes with additional accessories such as a coffee cup and rain cover.

Ages: Birth to 5 years.
From $3,890
Where To Buy: Various retailers across Hong Kong, Yoho Hong Kong.

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GB Pockit – Baby strollers that are built to last

GB Pockit strollers are built to last and the Pockit+ All-City stroller is a great one for Hong Kong Mamas! It has a wide range of customisable options that adapt to your lifestyle, a recline function that provides ultimate comfort and an ultra-compact folding mechanism perfect for travelling.

Ages: 6 months to 4 years. 
Price: From $2,890
Where To Buy: Booknshop, Yoho Hong Kong

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babyzen yoyo stroller hk

Stokke BABYZEN YOYO2 – Popular and versatile stroller ideal for urban parents

The BABYZEN YOYO strollers are always a popular pick with parents in Hong Kong and now they are part of the Stokke family. The YOYO² has a newborn pack and fits just about anywhere – it can even be folded and slung over your shoulder! This version lets you clip your car seat onto the stroller frame without having to remove the fabrics.

Ages: From birth to 4 years.
From $4,470
Where To Buy: Various shops in Hong Kong, including Mothercare, Baby Central and Petit Bazaar

Hong Kong Baby Stroller Bugaboo

Bugaboo – Stroller that comes with a bassinet and mattress

Bugaboo has several options that might be a good fit if you’re looking for a higher-end option. The Bugaboo Fox 5 bassinet and seat stroller has large, puncture-proof wheels, 5 point safety harness and is designed to fold and manoeuvre with just one hand! It also comes with a bassinet and a mattress.

Ages: From birth to 4 years.
From $13,499
Where To Buy: mothercare Hong Kong

Combi – Strollers with EggShock technology for extra protection

Combi strollers have a unique design to provide the ultimate protection for your baby. The Combi CROSSGO has EggShock technology to protect the newborn’s head and body, air suspension to absorb shock and 19cm mega wheels for stability.

Ages: 1 month to 4 years.
From $2.399
Where To Buy: Various retailers across Hong Kong, HKTV Mall

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chicco stroller hk

Chicco – Offering a wide range of baby strollers

These experts know a thing or two about all things baby. Their impressive range of strollers is worth considering when you are on the lookout for a new set of wheels. The compact Goody is a great option for urban travel.

Ages: Birth to 4 years
Price: From $3,898
Where To Buy: Chicco

Doona Car Seat Stroller – World’s first infant car seat and stroller

Doona is the world’s first infant car seat and stroller in one. Who doesn’t love simplicity and efficiency? We know we do! It transforms from a car seat to a stroller in three seconds flat!

Ages: Birth to 15 months.
From $4,280
Where To Buy: Doona Hong Kong

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Best strollers for Hong Kong

More Baby Strollers In Hong Kong:

  • Phil & Ted’s GO™ – Umbrella stroller that is lightweight and can be turned into a double stroller.
  • Maclaren Triumph – Lightweight and compact baby stroller. Available at ChopChop Baby.
  • Britax Romer Stroller – Compact and one-hand-fold stroller.
  • Quinny – A variety of strollers to suit your lifestyle.
  • Aprica Luxuna Comfort – Provides durable body protection, UV light protection and multi-directional body shock absorption.
  • Inglesina Twin Sketch – Double stroller with easy manoeuvrability and comfort. Available at Eugene Baby.

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Editor’s Note: The Best Baby Strollers In Hong Kong And Where To Buy Them was most recently updated in May 2024 by Anita Balagopalan. 

  This post contains paid and editorial listings. Main image courtesy of Gettyimage 1 courtesy of Cybex, image 2 courtesy of leclerc via Instagramimage 3 courtesy of Babyzen via Facebook, image 4 courtesy of Bugaboo, image 5 courtesy of Chicco, image 6 courtesy of RODNAE Productions via Pexels.

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