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Cribz: Welcome to Cash’s Stylish Monochromatic Room

Cash's Cribz bedroom
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Keeping it real cool at Cash’s monochromatic room

In this edition of Cribz, we check out Cash’s very modern and on trend black and white monochromatic big boy room. Transition any toddler’s bedroom to a big kid room can be a challenge for any parent. Cash’s mama, Kathryn, shares more about what inspired her to use this bold design.

Cash in his room

How would you describe this room?
A safe place where Cash can sleep, play and entertain his little friends.

Which style would best describe the room?

Where did you get your inspiration from?
I love the current trend of monochromatic rooms for both younger children and older ones. It’s bold and stylish and allows you to pop a touch of colour in wherever you like. I knew I wanted this theme in Cash’s big boy room.

Cribz, cash's bookshelf

How did you get your kiddo involved with designing his/her room?
Cash moved into a big boy room much earlier then we had planned. He was only 15 months old when his little sister, Sloane, arrived. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much to say about what he wanted in his new room due to his limited vocabulary. So I tried to create a space where he would want to spend a lot of time playing and creating his own magic.

In his room, you will find a reading area that displays all of his books and is accessible at his height. If the house is quiet, I often find him in his room; he will have pulled several books off the shelf and is looking through the pages talking to himself.

cribz, cash's teepee and shelving

He also has a teepee that is filled with stuffed animals. He loves to crawl in and always asks for you to join him. It’s also the biggest hit when his friends come over. He has a kiddy table he sits at for arts and crafts which doubles as a place to eat during play dates. And lastly, his toys are stored in large pull out bins he can access whenever he wants. I just need to teach him to put things back!

Cribz, Cash's wallpaper

What was the hardest part of decorating this room?
Picking his wallpaper! I love creating a feature wall within my children’s rooms using either wallpaper, paint or decals. A feature wall is meant to draw attention to when you first walk in the room and set the tone for the space. I think I accomplished that here.

After weeks of debate, I finally made the decision to go with Ferm Living half moon wallpaper in black and white. As I’ve mentioned before, I love monochromatic themed rooms. This wallpaper creates a bold statement without being too overwhelming. It allowed me to create a magical backdrop that fits Cash’s age now and something that can grow with him.

Cribz, Cash's change table

What part of the room are you most proud of?
When designing Cash’s nursery, I tired to have a long term vision in mind and picked items that would grow with him.  Cash’s change table is a dresser from Ikea with a removable change mat on top. His Oeuf Crib can be converted into a big boy bed when the time comes (hopefully not too soon!) and his nursery chair is a piece that I would use throughout the house when it’s no longer needed in his nursery.

Cribz, Cash in his crib

Is there anything in the room you would like to change?
Many items in Cash’s big boy room I had kept from his nursery, a space which I had completed before knowing Cash’s gender or personality. I find that I’m still updating his room regularly and I suspect this won’t change much considering his personality is still developing and soon he’ll have much stronger opinions on what his room should look like. I think that is the exciting thing about designing children’s spaces – you continue to evolve the magic created in them.

Cribz, Cash's chair and pillow

What is your favourite design or furniture store in Hong Kong?
I do a ton of online shopping in general but most of the items in my children’s rooms I purchased and shipped to Hong Kong from elsewhere. I was even able to get free shipping every now and again. Unfortunately, I found it tough to find unique pieces here in Hong Kong that weren’t super traditional.

Of course, there are some stand out shops who are having a lot of fun in the children’s space and are providing unique items to their customers. Stores like Mirth, Thorn and Burrow, and iDecorate are a few.

Etsy is also a great place for one of a kind pieces and supports small businesses from all over the world even here in Hong Kong!

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What advise would you give to parents who want to redecorate their kids room?
To maximise the functionality of space, which we need to do in Hong Kong due to the general lack space, consider dividing their room into 3 zones to encourage your child or teen to use their room for more then just sleep.

These include a reading or quiet time zone, a work or play zone, and a sleeping zone. Whatever space your designing for your little ones (nursery, child or teen room, playroom), have fun! Of course, if you are having trouble coming up with a design I’d love to help! You can reach me at

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If you think your bubba or kiddo has a cool room, send us a picture at [email protected] and your room might be featured!

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