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Qi-Nine Dragons: A Hip Facelift for the Beloved Sichuan Classics

Qi Nine Sichuan dining
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Bringing Wan Chai’s Qi – House of Sichuan’s Fiery Flavours Across the Harbour

I couldn’t hide my excitement when I heard that Hong Kong’s only Michelin-starred Sichuan restaurant, Qi-House of Sichuan, had extended their chic concept to Kowloon with new sister restaurant, Qi-Nine Dragons. While there are so many dining options for us chilli lovers around town, their authentic Sichuan flavours with a modern twist takes your spice journey to a whole new level and keeps your spicy palate tantalised.

Qi Nine Dragons

first impressions

Conveniently located on Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui (a short walk from iSquare), Qi-Nine Dragons takes advantage of the newly renovated Prince Tower to offer a stylish, top-notch Sichuan dining experience on the 20/F, and that means floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and the iconic Hong Kong Island skyline (we just can’t get enough of the high-rises).

Qi Nine Dragons

Styled by award-winning Hong Kong’s interior design firm Hands Hospitality, the dark wood furniture with red accents retain the brand’s ultra-chic ambience paying homage to ancient China. Of course, the Qi-Nine Dragons décor is not complete without the dragons themselves – the two dragons on the feature wall are hand-painted and you’ll notice the nine Golden Dragons along the staircase wall as you walk up to the rooftop patio – they’re all about the details!

Qi Nine Dragons

I was pleasantly surprised by their spacious, stylish rooftop terrace that overlooked the gorgeous harbour views. Imagine sipping on their signature cocktails whilst sitting on the lounge-style sofas or a glass of wine at the high-top tables around the perimeter under the stars on sultry evenings with the hubby… time to spice up date night, Sichuan style!

Qi Nine Dragons

the food

My mouth was already watering just by reading their artistically-presented signature menu, which consists of a selection of new specialties and traditional Sichuan dishes.

Qi Nine Dragons

We began with Chilli Oil Wontons, Fried Calamari with Sichuan Miso, Fried Spicy Chicken Wings and Flaky Scallion Pancake – the perfect starters for our tastebuds to get used to the spice (on a spiciness scale of 1-10, I’d say the appetisers are a solid 3… for me).

Qi Nine Dragons

Moving on, we were then served the main courses, which are mainly designed for sharing (and they do serve generous portions). The highlight of this meal, as most of us would agree, was the Braised Mandarin Fish Fillet in Chilli Oil Soup (spice level 10). The boneless Mandarin fish was well-cooked, so soft and the freshness was not overridden by the spice at all. The best bit was the sweet potato noodles in the soup, a type of transparent, chewy noodles specifically used in this popular Sichuan dish. The table became silent as we gave this ultimate challenge a go – the noodles absorbed all the spices and flavours (bring out those tissues, mama!) that made it SO GOOD. It soon turned into a love/hate relationship as we started to pull out tissue papers… but we just couldn’t stop.

Qi Nine Dragons

While our tongues and lips were turning red (maybe not so wise to have a Sichuan date night after all?), Qi-Nine Dragons had us covered with their Red Dragon Cocktail and Sichuan Cooler Mocktail (phew!). Both drinks worked so well in cooling down the heat and my personal favourite was the Sichuan Cooler Mocktail made with lychee, Yakult and Sprite – a perfect summer drink to fresh up our palate for the dessert.

Qi Nine Dragons

Qi-Nine Dragons’ Red Bean Pancake with Green Tea Ice-cream put a hot and cold end to the meal. When I saw the green tea and red bean combo, I was instantly sold. The sweetness of the pancakes was on point, and the ice-cream no doubt washed down the last bit of spice – simple, delicate, and satisfying.

the verdict

I can easily say that Qi-Nine Dragons served one of the best Sichuan meals I’ve had in Hong Kong. If you are looking for a restaurant to spice up your date night (prepare enough tissue paper), this is the place to enjoy some authentic, stylish modern Sichuan flavours and impress your date with the stunning view at their rooftop terrace.

Qi-Nine Dragons, 20/F & Rooftop, Prince Tower, 12A Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2799 8899,


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