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Sassy Mama Supports: Angels for Orphans

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“To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world” … this is the wonderful quote Angels for Orphans go by and it was all it took to convince me to do my bit to earn my very own “angel wings”!

So I was delighted to learn that they needed a volunteer to assist with face painting the kids at Po Leung Kuk on Saturday for their 4th annual Fun Day to introduce new activities to the children to widen their horizons. Angels always invite three companies to join them on the day (on a volunteer basis) to showcase what it is they do and hope this will inspire the children to take these activities into consideration when they are looking to sign up to something they enjoy.

Through funding, the Angels paid for these 100 kids aged from 3-18 years to attend the event and it was the most giving experience I’ve had, joining the other 30 volunteers in making it a day to remember! It wasn’t about raising money or talking about causes but actually just a day of “giving” and making kids happy… But of course everything needs funding for a cause, so here are some facts about Angels for Orphans


What is “Angels for Orphans”?
Founded by Helen Whitman in 2006 and established as a Hong Kong-registered charity in 2009, Angels for Orphans continues to assist with funding for key projects to provide the means to improve children’s lives. They believe that every child has a right to love, happiness, education, care, shelter, food, medicine, clothing and hope. Angels are proud to be partnered with four very dedicated and worthwhile Asian-based charities working tirelessly to give renewed hope to vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children. Bali Kids, New Hope for Cambodian Children and Sunrise Children’s Village in Cambodia and Po Leung Kuk in Hong Kong provide the care, support, education and health programmes needed to provide full and healthy futures for the children in their specialised areas.

What do they do?
As their partners to not have a physical presence in Hong Kong, Angels take them under their wings and assists to increase their profiles in our community by raising awareness of their work and successes. Along with this, Angels for Orphans raises funds for individual projects their partners need assistance with, achieved through numerous fundraising events throughout the year. These projects can vary from the purchase and construction of classrooms, salaries for teachers, payment for children’s after school activities or simply paying everyday bills such as the electricity or rice supply for a facility for a year. Angels also visit local HK schools to talk about the partners work and encourage Hong Kong’s young global citizens to be part of the efforts.


What are they hoping to achieve this year?
This year Angels hope to be able to support the following projects:

  • Bali Kids – purchase of medical equipment for the mobile dental and healthcare clinics. Goal: $155,000
  • New Hope for Cambodian Children – support 10 teachers for a school year. Goal: $194,000
  • Sunrise Children’s Village – purchase a 4WD utility vehicle for the team to reliably travel between the 3 operational centres. Goal: $194,000
  • Po Leung Kuk – support a new education programme called “Joy to Learn” offering pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school students (who have been referred by the Police or social services to Po Leung Kuk’s New Comers Wards) the chance to continue their education. Goal: $100,000


What events do they have coming up for the year?

August – Auction Dinner
December – Live Lounge Event
2016 – Annual Zumbathon

What can others do to help / get involved?
Angels for Orphans is run on an entirely voluntary basis and they are always looking for volunteers to join their team! At present they are looking for 3 key Angels with PR / Social Media/ Graphics/ Marketing and admin experience, but everybody is welcome to become a volunteer to assist in the many events and tasks that come with it.

So there you go! Check it out and decide for yourself if you’d like to earn your angel wings by getting involved! I truly enjoyed the experience and putting a smile on a child’s face is priceless! I also learned how to paint butterflies and dragons – the little joys in life!

That’s it from me until our next charity adventures… until then, just remember you CAN make a difference!

For more information on Angels for Orphans upcoming events and ways to volunteer, please check out their Facebook page.

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