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Sassy Mama Supports: Recycling and Repurposing Crayons at The Crayon Society

the crayon society
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Old crayons driving you cray cray?

At the simple mention of the word “crayons,” we become immediately nostalgic about our childhood as our imagination soars with each picture. Now, the only thing we feel is fear as our children use colour to brighten up the walls in their own way! From our picky toddlers saying they don’t want to use broken crayons to us stepping all over them, we’ve always longed for the old crayons to go to a better place (don’t you?!)!

Who are they and what do they do?

The Crayon Society began as simple idea to turn broken crayons into new ones in order to raise funds for disabled and sick children. Simple, yet ingenuous. Parents know how many crayons end up lying around the house in various states of disuse (and abuse!) only to finally be disposed of and replaced by a new set.

The DB Latin Dragons (Dragon boat team) recognised that there was a fantastic way to make use of this waste, and in doing so, provide a charity that all ages can contribute to.

Its vision is to become the world’s happiest and most colourful charity organisation by connecting privileged and underprivileged children by a simple act: recycling and sharing “new” crayons.

Not only do they sell the crayons to raise money, they also donate the new crayons to children in need, stating, “Money is not the only thing in charity. Time, knowledge and smiles are far more important.” So far, volunteers have even given crayons directly to children who are in the hospital and have seen them being used straightaway, even whilst in bed.

Throughout last month, the charity had organised “Crayon Jamming” sessions, bringing families together to sort and peel the crayons that will be recycled. We love that everyone in the gang can get involved! Founder, Crystal Lee, told us the sessions have been wildly successful, and new mums have been getting involved and providing much laughter and fun to the task. Those who have participated in the jamming sessions are now even more motivated to do more for the charity, and they hope to run more events in the future. You can keep up to date on any of The Crayon Society’s events via Facebook.

How you can help

Collection of crayons has started, and drop-off boxes are available in Bookazine stores (branches in Prince’s Building, Exchange Square, Lyndhurst Terrace, Repulse Bay and Discovery Bay). You can also drop unwanted crayons at Partytime in Causeway Bay.

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