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Mighty Oaks: First International Nursery & Kindergarten to Offer Full Scholarships

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Planting positive virtues in our future generation

Your child’s first experience of school is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your little one. Beyond learning academics, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of who they’ll become as they grow. The very core of Mighty Oaks International Nursery and Kindergarten is fostering the virtues of love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in their young learners. With an emphasis on character education and child-lead learning, their curriculum encourages our little ones to flourish as socially aware children in a nurturing learning environment.

In their belief that every child should get an opportunity to a great education no matter where they come from, Mighty Oaks is partnering with Helena House of Hope and Care Foundation (HHH) to offer a full scholarship to children in need. As the first private school offering this type of scholarship, all students will be able to attend a high-quality and private international playgroup, nursery and kindergarten that will meet their needs regardless of their economic status.

Their mission is simple, mamas, Mighty Oaks knows how important a solid academic foundation is and they want to provide that for those who may not have the finances for that. In short, they want to make a positive difference in the future of all their students as well as empower families to set their children up for success. We are definitely on board with that!

The scholarships are granted to 2 eligible candidates per year based on their needs and other criteria. More information can be found here. Successful applicants and their parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and community services organised by the Mighty Oaks Club. The club consists of educators and parents from the community that offers community resources, support and knowledge for families that are part of the school and the public as well. From training sessions for parents and helpers to fun activities for the whole fam, their hope is to reach out to the community as a positive influence.

We all know, that family involvement and commitment to our child’s learning has major positive impacts on their success at school. Developing a moral compass and character in your kiddo begins at home but blossoms with the support of teachers and a curriculum that reflects positive virtues. Mighty Oaks emanates that and more as they set an example to their students about being socially conscious whilst giving back to the community through the scholarships.

As mamas, there’s nothing we want more than for our children to have those values as a firm foundation to start their journey in school.

Mighty Oaks International Nursery and Kindergarten1/F, Lungga Mansion, 46A Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong,; 2806 8383


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