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Start Your Engines: Sideways Driving Club is Perfect for Little Racers!

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It’s hard to tell who has started to dread birthday parties more. The parents, having to spend two hours in a room full of screaming kids, or the children themselves, spending yet another Saturday afternoon in the same place, doing the same activities they have done a million times before.. Well, Hong Kong is all about trendsetting and a new birthday party venue has come along that will make you and your kid the most popular birthday party hosts in town: Sideways Driving Club.

Yes, you did hear me correctly, not often two phrases you hear put together; children’s party and driving. Sideways Driving Club has thirteen Formula 1 racing car simulators that look just like mini versions of the real thing, perfectly suited for mini Jenson Buttons. Essentially the simulators act as glorified computer games. Participants remove their shoes and then climb into their own simulator. The peddles can be adjusted so they work for adults and kids and the operation of the machines will be pretty familiar for all children who have spent any amount of time in a games arcade. One pedal is to go. The other is to stop. Then you turn the wheel to steer! The simulators can all be pitched against each other in races on a variety of different tracks leading to hours of mildly competitive fun. Although there are only 13 machines, Sideways does accept bookings for larger groups and the kids, or even the parents, can just take turns. Those on the sidelines needn’t get bored as large plasma screen display the progress of the races meaning that everyone gets involved, and idle chit chat is replaced with parental enthusiasm for their budding child racer.

Sideways Driving Club is a massive success in terms of girls and boys birthday parties. The staff are used to dealing with corporate bigwigs, professional racing drivers and boys nights out, so when it comes to amusing and entertaining a group of overexcited 10 year olds, they take it all in their stride.  No one needs to have a driving licence and the simulators are suitable for kids over the age of 8. The maximum group size is 40 but the venue is also suitable for a family day out or even a night off without the kids!

The venue is small so be sure to book ahead before attending but our advice is, hang up the fancy dress, put away the paint sets and get your little one and their friends down to Sideways for an exhilarating and far from ordinary birthday party for boys and girls.

Sidewars Driving Club, LG/F, 1-2 Chancery Lane, Central, Hong Kong, 2523 0983
E: [email protected]

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