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Got Unwanted Diamond Jewellery? Let Diamond Registry Create Something Beautiful With It!

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Diamond Registry will turn old earrings, rings or necklaces into something fabulous in no time!

Ever peek in your jewellery box and see something you never wear? Perhaps a diamond ring or earrings that just aren’t your thing, but they’re diamonds, so… you just leave them in there? You can’t just give them away, right? Plus, maybe they have sentimental value. Don’t just let them sit and collect dust – repurpose those pieces and create something gorgeous! Just head to the experts at Diamond Registry because they know exactly how to help you out when it comes to creating stunning items. Here’s how to get what you need quick and without breaking the bank!

Diamond Registry Comparison
Left: Before Repurposing; Right: After Repurposing

Give Heirlooms A Fresh Start

Most of the Sassy Mamas have done just that – taken an old-fashioned heirloom piece and turned it into something we cherish even more (see the photo above for an example of a brooch that was made into earrings and rings). Got an engagement ring that was hip in the 90s but now looks just a bit outdated? Let the experts at Diamond Registry give you options so you’ll feel like you’re wearing a completely new ring!

New Jewellery Without A New Price Tag

Repurposing a ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace is a quick,  affordable and easy way to get a new piece of jewellery. You’re keeping costs down (because you’re working with what you already have) and in return you’re getting something new you can hand down to your own kids (unless they repurpose it, too!).

You can even custom make what you want so the item you have (or are giving) has your own personal touch. Just like Prince Harry did for Meghan Markle with his mum’s stones, you’ll get a current-looking item with an incredible amount of sentimental value!

Diamond Registry engagement ring

Work With The Experts

If you’re going to repurpose (and why wouldn’t you?!), make sure you work with a team of in-house experts like the ones we know at Diamond Registry, who can tell you which diamonds work best for which pieces. You may want to create earrings but if you have mismatched stones, your vision might not work. But Diamond Registry can easily design something beautiful to suit your needs, so don’t fret! They can easily take those mismatched stones and find you the right match  (Diamond Registry has a wholesale background and can get you the best prices on the market), and if you have stones that don’t work, you can swap those for another and get credit for those as well!

Excellent Service

We parents are super busy and Diamond Registry fully understands that. You are welcome to just go in to discuss your options for the jewellery you would like to repurpose. You’ll be given design options, pricing and more. Pretty much everything you need to make your jewellery repurposing decision! Too busy So what are you waiting for?

Diamond Registry, 6/F Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung St, Central, Hong Kong,

Already have an idea in mind? For quick and easy communication, contact Diamond Registry’s expert, Grace, via WhatsApp, or call her at +852 6273 4281


Brought to you in partnership with Diamond Registry, all images courtesy of Diamond Registry.

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