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Little Bug Prints: Keep Your L’il Picasso’s Artwork Framed

little bug prints framed artwork HK
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Frame your little one’s masterpieces!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only mama out there who was at a loss at what to do with the endless stream of masterpieces created by the mini Picassos of the house. Here in the 852, we’ve the added challenges of space to store/display these works of art, not to mention the humidity that creates a near constant battle with paper curling, paint peeling and dried pasta/sequin shedding. A solution was needed.

Enter Little Bug Prints, the answer to our prayers! Created by a mama confounded by just such a quandary, Louise promises a compact and stylish way of displaying these priceless gems.

The process is wonderfully simple. Once you’ve agonised about which of the kids’ treasures to immortalise, the hard bit is over! Louise professionally photographs and digitally reproduces the artwork (making touch ups as necessary to ensure the colours pop and the details stand out) and then uses them to produce a modern wall print to be really proud of.

little bug prints

Genius idea! What about using this brilliant service for an original and meaningful gift? Ideal for Father’s Day and Christmas, Louise lovingly customises each print to suit the occasion. I was able to ooh and ahh over some of her most recent creations which would make treasured keepsakes for grandparents in particular. After all, they’re just as biased as us mamas when it comes to judging the brilliance of our budding Monets, right?

So, as well as their framed specialities (in chic black or white), you can opt to have the print unframed and carefully delivered, rolled in a secure tube, so you’re able to easily, safely and affordably send it anywhere in the world.

The prints I really swooned over were fantastically clever in integrating multiple children’s art on the same print (I mean, there’s only so many walls!), so this cunning space saver shows off their (often enormous!) masterpieces in compact and classy style. The best bit? Multiple sizes, shapes and orientation of print mean there’s something to suit every space.

little bug prints framed artwork

Great excitement ensued Chez Moi when taking delivery of our print. My four year old was bursting with pride to see his creations presented in a way that he knew would be displayed prominently in our living space. His face lit up as he held the frame and admired his handiwork, comparing the originals to the print and marvelling over how they’d been magically duplicated and shrunk! He was immediately inspired to start on another project – an ocean theme apparently – and is currently working hard on a Beluga Whale.

So, if you’d like to see your wall space again (and actually be able to get to your fridge without losing the will to live when the magnets holding these treasures are just not up to the job) you’d be wise to give Little Bug Prints a chance to do their thing. Thank you, Louise, for coming up with an everyone’s-a-winner solution to this age old dilemma!

Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more framing ideas.


Start gathering up those showpieces, mamas, let’s reclaim our walls!

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