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Tiny Bites: Burger Extraordinaire at Burger Circus

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Stepping into Burger Circus for the first time, I could immediately tell that it wasn’t one of those fancy schmancy burger places. I am no expert when it comes to classic American diners but if you’re looking for one in Hong Kong, this is definitely it. Situated in the heart of Soho, Burger Circus takes pride in its abandoned railway carriage themed décor, which is sure to imbue a feeling of nostalgia for those of you from America. The only thing missing is a jukebox!

Burger Circus Hong Kong 1

Filling the gap between fast food joints and high-end burger restaurants, this is the perfect place to take your lively kids for a leisurely meal with no worries about getting the disapproving side-eye. The seating is arranged into very spacious booths and the aisles are wide enough to accommodate strollers. Enjoying a tasty burger is no longer limited to date nights with your partner! Not only are the burgers to die for, Burger Circus takes the quality of their food very seriously. If you’re dubious when it comes to kids and burgers, rest assured that all their ingredients are very fresh and most things on the menu are house-made – including the sodas!

Burger Circus Hong Kong 2

The minimalistic menu card clearly lays out all your options but if you flip it over, you’ll find a cheeky pin-up girl! The Circus Sauce is heavily featured on the menu, which I was told is their secret house sauce made sauce with tomatoes and mayonnaise. After the first taste, I could totally understand why the recipe is so highly classified!

Burger Circus Hong Kong 3

Each burger comes in a cute little card box and the portions are well controlled. Instead of the usual massive burgers that I can’t even seem to fit in my mouth and disintegrate after the first bite, these ones are much more manageable. I’m confident that older kids will be able to demolish the whole thing on their own but the chefs are also happy to cut the burgers into halves for the little ones. I also love that no one cares if you just dive in with your hands and make a huge mess. As a terribly clumsy eater, this is the perfect restaurant for me!

My personal favourite was The Circus Burger – probably because it’s got bacon in it – but that is just an added bonus to an already all-round superb burger. Burger Circus lives up to its philosophy of using only the freshest ingredients. I was particularly impressed by how crisp the lettuce is as I always find myself eating burgers with slightly wilted lettuce and soggy buns. Not to be dramatic, but Burger Circus has completely changed my perception of burgers and I must say that I am now a convert!

Burger Circus Hong Kong 4

For those of you who are more health-conscious, you may want to go for The Cannonbowl, which allows you to turn your favourite burger into a salad. We tried that with The Flame Swallower – the spiciness of the chicken was not overwhelming at all and left a pleasant tanginess in my mouth. The burgers are light on grease, which is a big plus for those watching their figures.

Of course we had to complement our burgers with a selection of the diner’s flavour-packed sides. While the Buffalo Wings were a bit too sour (for my personal preference, at least), the Onion Rings hit the spot with a paper-thin coating and crispy batter – I hate it when the batter is so thick that you can’t even find the onion in it anymore!

Burger Circus Hong Kong 5

The drinks themselves deserve a huge round of applause. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so I wasn’t too sure about the milkshakes and sodas. Nevertheless, I decided to take the leap. I ended up sampling two different shakes – the Coffee Toffee Crunch and the Burger Circus Pie Shake (I decided on the New York Cheese Cake flavour). I would have made a HUGE mistake if I didn’t try them. They were absolutely divine! Apparently, you may also ask them to add a scoop of ice cream to your shake as well. Pick one of the house made sodas if you want a refreshing fruity beverage – they’re not sugary at all. Or if your kids decide to go for the sodas, the mild sweetness means that they won’t be bouncing off the walls afterwards. And parents: don’t forget the alcoholic shakes!

Burger Circus Hong Kong 6

After all that food and drink, I was on the brink of explosion but yet dessert beckoned. Eventually, we decided to order the Chocolate Layer Cake, which turned out to be a massive block of irresistible, fudgy, chocolate goodness. The size makes it perfect for sharing and kids will reckless abandon.

Burger Circus Hong Kong 7

Thumbs Up
I love the Burger Circus’s mission to establish a family-friendly burger restaurant that also provides top quality food and beverages. Freshness is guaranteed and there is no trace of excess use of oil and sugars. And I cannot rave enough about the milkshakes!

Thumbs Down
There’s no kid’s menu or anything specifically designed to keep the little ones entertained, although the little girl in the booth next to ours seemed happy enough with her burger and shake.

Stroller Access?
The restaurant is on the G/F next to the mid-levels escalators and are wide enough to accommodate strollers.

Price Range
Quite reasonable (Burgers range from $70 to $88.) For detailed pricing, please check their online menu.

Opening Hours
Monday-Thurs, 9am – Midnight; Open 24 hours from Thursday 9am – Sunday midnight; Breakfast until 12pm daily (with unlimited coffee refills!)

Burger Circus22 Hollywood Road, Soho, Hong Kong
, 2878 7787,

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