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“Dress Blue Day” for World Autism Awareness Day: Sassy Mama Supports

World Autism Day
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We’re all about raising awareness to promote positive changes at Sassy Mama, so you can be sure that we are in full support of World Autism Awareness Day coming up on Saturday, 2 April.

Though we can all agree this city is a fabulous place to live and raise the little ones, even Hong Kong’s biggest fans (… us, here at Sassy Mama HQ) are the first to admit that it’s not always the most accessible for people with different needs. Whether you are personally affected by autism, have a family member or loved one with special needs, or just advocate the strengths of all abilities, the best time to show your support for awareness is (as, always…) right now.

The United Nations General Assembly has dedicated a day to highlight the need to improve the quality of life for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and as the 8th Annual World Autism Awareness Day, we are hoping for the biggest reach yet! And, don’t worry, mamas, we get that this day means so much more than just raising awareness: it means breaking down those cultural and social stigmas that are still present in our concrete city…

In support of Autism Partnership Foundation (APF), a registered charity committed to making a difference in the life of individuals with autism, we are spreading the news to raise public awareness… and we’d love for you to do the same! With Parent Training Workshops, Marriage and Family Therapy, and even School Talks to help teachers identify and work with children with autism (all free of cost for low-income families), the Foundation really is working to make Hong Kong a more inclusive space.

Get involved in any (and every) way you like:

1. Dress the whole family in blue! Post a photo on APF’s Facebook to win the “Best Blue Dress-up Person Award” (Head over to the event on Saturday, 2, April, at Megabox, Kowloon Bay, from 1 to 5pm, for a souvenir and their Charity Sale Counter)

2. Order charity items: Dress Blue Day T-shirt, and towel cupcakes (hand-made by Aoi Pui, a school for students with autism)

3. Make a donation directly to Autism Partnership Foundation, or any organisation of your choice, that is working to make Hong Kong more inclusive!

4. Keep teaching your kids to be open, understanding and compassionate little members of our community. Educating them about the strengths of all abilities raises a stronger (and kinder…) generation.

Dress Blue for World Autism Day

We know it’ll take a lot more than our best blues, and a dedicated day to make a long-lasting difference, which is why we’re taking this opportunity to showcase our support, AND actively channel a more receptive mindset. Yup, that means we will be making more of an effort to truly consider our own (conscious and unconscious) bias, how we express it through our language and actions, and ultimately, how we can take a more proactive approach towards supporting positive shifts in our community… And whilst we’re at it: let’s take a moment to cheer on all the mamas and papas championing children with autism. Here’s to making Hong Kong a more inclusive home for you and your family!

For more details for this Saturday, check out their website, Facebook, or event!

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