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Five Tips for Creating an Inspiring Workspace for Your Kiddos

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Create a space that helps motivate your child to learn

The school year is now in full swing and your children are making new friends, starting new activities and joining new clubs. They are back into the routine of weekly homework and no doubt your kitchen counter and dining table are becoming cluttered with marker pens, notepads, schoolbooks and all the things you don’t want lying around! Not only will it keep your house tidy but a dedicated area for your children is the perfect way to make homework a little more enjoyable. British Tutors share their top five tips for creating an inspiring workspace.

Just for them

Whether it’s a space in their bedroom or a study of their very own, it’s important for a workspace to be a dedicated area with no other function.  It should be a private space where they can go and close the door to all distractions and not a corner in a busy area of the house with siblings and other household members wandering through.

Make it personal

Design the workspace with your child and let them choose the desk, the chair, the colours and the shelving.  They should feel excited about the space and proud of it being their own.  Desk spaces should be uplifting and inspirational.  Decorate boards with their artwork and certificates, add pictures of places they love or quotes to inspire from their favourite books or films. The more inviting the space, the more likely children will use it.

Stock up

Make sure the space is fully stocked with supplies: pens, lined paper, erasers, highlighters, a calculator etc.   You don’t want your child to have to move or get up to look for something they need.  Having all their stationery ready to use is a great way to ensure minimal distractions when sitting down to do homework or creative projects.  Put a clock and a calendar in their workspace too, this will enable them to keep an eye on deadlines and schedules and encourage independent study skills.   Remember to think about getting your child the right chair.  It is important to encourage healthy posture and a supportive chair is key. Adjustable chairs will help future proof the workspace against your child’s growth spurts.


When planning a workspace, think about location.  Natural light at a desk is preferable but a good spotlight is also essential for a homework station, particularly to avoid straining eyes. Having an adjustable wall light which can be moved around is a good tool to help children refocus, even on a dark, rainy day.

Storage, storage, storage!

Space in Hong Kong can be tight and it’s important to have space on a desk to enable your child to spread out while they’re working.  Avoid clutter by placing shelves and cupboards for books and stationery around or above the desk.  This should also give children a prompt to keep workspaces clear and encourage them to get into a routine of putting stuff away after each homework session.


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