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5 Ways to Refresh Your Growing Child’s Room

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As your child grows, needs and purposes for his or her bedroom change. Usually the first sign is when a child outgrows his or her crib or bed. How can you make changes without breaking the bank?

As your child is getting older you might find your child’s bedroom is not entirely suitable for his or her needs anymore. The bed might be getting too small, there is need for more toys storage and your child might even need a space to work or do homework at. As most of us are living in small spaces in Hong Kong, creating more space for a growing child might seem like an impossible task.

Luckily, there are more and more affordable and space-saving options in Hong Kong to be found for your child’s needs. And with some simple stylish solutions you might find you don’t need to change the whole room, just an update with some furniture and/or accessories could do the trick!


‘Grown-up’ bed

When the time comes that your child grows out of his cot, it can be wise to start thinking a bit further ahead. It might be hard to plan ahead in Hong Kong as moving apartments happens often, however thinking about how long you will stay in your current home can be useful. Buying a toddler bed can be a good space saver but maybe it would be wise to get a bed that can be extended later. Or consider getting a loft bed which gives you a great deal of space underneath. Loft beds can be ideal as the extra space they create can be used for different purposes. The space can be dedicated as a play/storage area for now and later on a desk can be placed underneath, along with storage solutions. Ikea offers several loft bed solutions with different options for storage space (think bookshelves or wardrobes) and desks. And better yet, at a very affordable price!

The bed pictured is ‘Stuva loft combo with 3 drawers and 2 doors’, available at Ikea for $3950

Toy storage space

Use that space underneath the bed. You might use the storage under your bed already (winter clothes! bedding! shoes!) and there is a lot of space under your children’s bed to create just the extra storage space you need. For instance think of those handy zipper under-bed boxes (available at for example Muji and Ikea) where you could store bedding, pajamas, books, etcetera. The space is also perfect for storing toys as your child can easily access the boxes underneath the bed. There are boxes with wheels available for even easer accessibility for your child.

The funky Giant Lego boxes pictured are available online at for $299 (excl. shipping).


Create workspace (and more storage space!)

Simple shelves can create work and storage space. Even in a little nook or between cupboards you could create the work space your child needs. If a shelf is used as a desk, be aware to hang it at the appropriate height. The proper height for a child’s desk is when seated at the desk; the arms of the child should be able to rest comfortably on the shelf. Pay attention to the height of the chair too: the legs of the child should be bent in a 90 degree angle. The space underneath the shelf can be used for more storage by placing a desk drawer unit or stackable boxes under the desk. Get shelves at Ikea or have them custom made by a local carpenter.

Update accessories

A simple change of bedding and some throw pillows into a more grown up version, can create a completely different look in your child’s bedroom. Find great styles online (for example at as shipping of bedding can be done for reasonable prices.

Get stylish bedding at Cotton On (in store or online). The duvet cover pictured is available at for $599

Bring some personality into your child’s room

As kids grow it might be nice to add their personality to their bedroom. A simple way to do this is to frame art they have created. This is something which is very easy and affordable to arrange in Hong Kong – framing shops to be found everywhere! You could even make a complete wall with framed art and pictures. To keep the uniformity and let the art shine, you might consider keeping the frames in the same color or style. Have fun decorating!

Get your art framed at a local framing shop – they are quite affordable! A personal favorite address is Zetter Picture Framer 40 Hollywood Road (you know; the shop open to the road, next to G.O.D.)


Lead image sourced via Pinterest, image #1 sourced via Ikea, image #2 sourced via A Place for Everything, image #3 sourced via Pinterest, image #4 sourced via Cotton On, image #5 sourced via Stuck

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