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Speak Piggy: Fab New App for Parents

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I’d venture to say that 99.99% of parents with iPhones consider it a miracle device. Yes, it’s got mail, pictures and the ability to make and receive calls.  But I’ve had more than one parent tell me that their iPhone has saved a family dinner out, and a friend of mine swears it can add 30 minutes to her errands when she’s got the kids along.

I’ve used it pretty much since the very beginning with little J.  I started with the Contraction Master (don’t laugh – it’s brilliant – all that dry heaving kinda got in the way of taking notes and looking at a watch – but pressing a button? That I could handle). We then moved on to Total Baby to track all her various ‘events’ – from naps to nappies.  And late night feedings end up being a bit productive as I’m often scanning the headlines.

So, as part of a new regular feature, we’ll be sharing some of the coolest Apps out there for parents, babies and kiddies. Have an App you can’t live without?  Tell us!

First up?  Speak, Piggy!

iPhone App for kids - Speak, Piggy

Speak, Piggy! helps your little ones learn animal names, how to spell them, the sounds they make, and the different habitats in which they live. Created by a team with their own young children and educational experience, Speak, Piggy! was developed to match the learning and usability patterns of children.

Plus, there’s something for everyone: babies will like the colorful pictures, toddlers will enjoy connecting sounds with animals, and preschoolers will improve sight reading for early literacy development.  And did we mention it’s really, really pretty?

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