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Celebrating Anfield’s 25-Year Legacy Of British Education In Hong Kong

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For the last 25 years, Anfield has delivered exceptional learning experiences. We take a look at its milestones, achievements and what sets it apart…

When it comes to providing our children with high-quality international education, prioritising inclusivity and high-quality learning are of utmost importance. Anfield, a renowned educational institution, has mastered these principles over its impressive 25-year journey. With four campuses across Hong Kong, including two kindergartens, a mainstream primary school, and a recently opened SEN primary (Special Education Needs) school in Yuen Long, Anfield stands out as a beacon of educational excellence.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Elise Rees, the esteemed Executive Headteacher at Anfield, to discover what truly sets this institution apart.

As Anfield celebrates its 25th anniversary, what achievements or milestones are you particularly proud of?

Over the last 25 years, Anfield has expanded from one kindergarten campus to now showcasing high-quality international education across four campuses. 

In CIS’s (Council For International School) latest evaluation report, we received recognition for diversifying opportunities for students to develop and apply their understanding of global citizenship and intercultural learning through various activities in our taught and extracurricular programs.

In what ways does Anfield promote a sense of inclusivity and diversity within the school community?

We follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum within our schools and adapt this to the needs of our international students. With a wide range of experiences from academic, sporting, arts and more, our extracurricular programmes are open to both Anfield and non-Anfield students, encouraging connections within our local community.

Our Saturday kindergarten classes welcome students as young as 12 months old, where parents and families can attend and share in the learning experiences of their child.

How do the camps and clubs at Anfield enhance the overall learning experience for Anfield students?

As part of the curriculum at Anfield School (Primary Campus), students take part in two extra-curricular activities (ECA) each week. We have a specialist P.E. teacher who works with students who go on to represent the school at competitions and tournaments around Hong Kong.

We also have a specialist music teacher to help students prepare for musical showcases and performances through choir, recorder group, rock band and more. Plus, there are camps for children as young as 12 months old from our mainstream and SEN programmes.

How do you ensure that the quality of education at Anfield remains consistently high across all four campuses?

We are involved in the CIS accreditation process which ensures that we are constantly evaluating our curriculum and practices across all of our learning environments. Our Senior Management Team also meets regularly to discuss learning and teaching, opportunities for learners and the ongoing needs of our school communities.

How important is it to cater to the uniqueness of each child, and how does Anfield achieve it?

This is a fundamental part of the success of our Anfield programmes; we believe that every child is unique and should be celebrated. Our dedicated teachers maximise learning opportunities by diversifying the curriculum, maintaining strong relationships with parents, adapting teaching styles to the needs of students, and providing engaging resources.

We have welcoming campuses and a strong sense of community. Our schools have a positive “family feel” where we truly know and support each learner. Our inclusive approach ensures no student feels isolated.

What do you perceive as the key strengths and advantages of the international school landscape in Hong Kong compared to other cities in Asia?

Hong Kong provides unique opportunities for children to learn about many key aspects of the world, alongside classmates from various economic, cultural and social backgrounds. We’re lucky to have the best of both worlds here, from the city landscape to life in the country.

At Anfield, we provide opportunities for students to enhance their classroom learning experiences with field trips to animation workshops at Disneyland, cultural outings to the Wishing Tree in Lam Tsuen and more.

Anfield School, various locations across Hong Kong, 2692 8823,

This article is in paid partnership with Anfield School. Main image is courtesy of Sassy Media Group with images provided by Anfield School, all other images are courtesy of Anfield School. 

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