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Bump Up Your Child’s Learning With Bumper Cards

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Making learning all fun and games!

Looking to bump up your child’s language skills and creativity? Bumper Cards TM, an exciting new game for kids, promises to do just that! When kids play with their Bumper Cards, they get to “bump” different cards together to create new words. These words can be used further in wordplay, art and creative stories. The game allocates points to both real compound words and those that players make up. Players are encouraged to draw their new words and assign a meaning. They get full marks for creativity as they channel their inner Shakespeare and Picasso!

The Bumper Cards Wordplay set includes the card game, along with an educational and fun storybook with 28 stories. It has been developed by Cayan Educational Design Limited and is based on 20+ years of research on language and learning. The company was started by Professor Catherine McBride, a developmental psychologist and global expert in literacy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She firmly believes that learning a language should be flexible, imaginative and interactive. It aims to develop tools and products that develop both learning (convergent thinking) and creativity (divergent thinking) in kids. As a professor of literacy, Ms McBride knows that Morphological Awareness (MA) is crucial for building vocabulary, reading and comprehension. Simply put, this means that children should develop an understanding of how words can be blended together to form a whole new word.

In case you are thinking that this product is only for non-native English speakers, you’d be wrong! What we love is that the products are bilingual, so you will see your little linguists spinning stories in both English and Chinese. Cayan Edu also offers teaching and training services, and a blog on literacy with free activity sharing, so you can show off your child’s creative and artistic skills.

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Cayan Edu is also organising an online contest – the Children’s Illustrated Story Competition 2021. Running from Monday, 11 January to Sunday, 14 February 2021, this contest is open to students in levels K2 to P4 at any school in Hong Kong. The challenge challenges children’s imagination and creativity. Register now to give your little storyteller a chance to participate and win big prizes! Winners will be awarded the Bumper Cards storybook as well as a Toys R Us gift card worth $200.

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Brought to you in partnership with Cayan Edu. All images courtesy of Cayan Edu.

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