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How To Improve The Natural Way We Age

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Live your best life and get the most out of it with a little supplemental help.

There’s nothing that shows the passing of time faster than having children. One minute they’re tiny little things and the next they’re running circles around you! With so much going on, you might not notice your own ageing. Has your facial routine fallen by the wayside, or have your healthy eating and sleep habits taken a hit? What if we told you that you can promote cellular health at any age, with just one simple step every day? That’s where Tru Niagen® comes in, a scientifically-backed supplement that safely increases cellular energy production, which supports cellular defence and healthy ageing.

Tru Niagen® Beauty

So how does Tru Niagen® work and what exactly is NAD+? Here comes the science…Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in all living cells. NAD+ levels decline with age, and due to physiological stressors like alcohol consumption, poor diet, immune stress, and lack of exercise. With a formula that nourishes cells below the surface, Tru Niagen® supports cellular defence and repair by safely boosting NAD+ levels, providing daily cellular energy support, and therefore, supporting healthy ageing.

Tru Niagen® Beauty

A compliment to your daily skin routine, new product Tru Niagen® Beauty by ChromaDex (the global nutraceutical company devoted to improving the way people age), is the world’s first beauty supplement with NIAGEN® that aims to support cellular repair by combining cellular maintenance with beauty nutrients.

In the wake of recent global events, a desire for healthy living has taken centre stage. Along with a balanced diet, this supplement can support beauty starting at the cellular level! Tru Niagen® Beauty works towards the following functions:

  • Promote cellular repair
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Promote healthy skin, hair and nails

Ageing isn’t about denying your body’s own natural cycle, it’s about embracing it and letting nature take its course in the best way possible, with a small helping hand. Sounds good? Visit Watsons and give it a try!


Brought to you in partnership with Tru Niagen® Beauty by ChromaDex.

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