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“The performance is a reminder of the wonder and life that is right here,” Wayfinder’s Directors Take Us Behind The Stage

Dancenorth Australia Wayfinder Hong Kong
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A kaleidoscopic fusion of dance, music, and visual art, Wayfinder takes centre stage this summer and promises nothing short of an explosion of energy and an artful collaboration of senses.

Its first premier outside its home turf, Australia’s leading performing arts company Dancenorth Australia joins forces with three-time Grammy-nominated Australian band, Hiatus Kaiyote and sound artist Byron J. Scullin for a special performance, Wayfinder. Get ready to be wowed by the dancers’ gravity-defying moves (on an inflatable stage!), the ingenious music score and transcendental lighting. 

What’s more, the whole performance is connected by rainbow-like cords woven by local Australian volunteers using second-hand wool yarns, drawing people closer through community engagement and arts.  

We sat down with the directors of Wayfinder, Amber Haines and Kyle Page for an insider scoop on this creative collaboration.

Dancenorth Australia Wayfinder Hong Kong

Tell us about Wayfinder and the creative process behind it. What sensory experience(s) can the audience expect? 

We were so fortunate to collaborate with three-time Grammy nominated Australian band Kaiyote, sound artist Byron J. Scullin and Japanese-Australian visual artist Hiromi Tango to create a soaring composition that evokes pleasure and possibility. 

The themes we’re exploring in Wayfinder are anchored to ideas of community and sharing in the most enlivening and joyous aspects of our human experience.

The performance is a reminder of the wonder and life that is right here, all we need to do is take more time to look, listen and celebrate the richness of this lived experience. 

This is Dancenorth’s first programme outside Australia, why Hong Kong and how does it feel? Do you think the Hong Kong audience will resonate with the performances the same way Australian audiences do? 

The rich history and culture, natural beauty and stunning skyline – we genuinely sense that there is no place in the world quite like Hong Kong. Wayfinder is a celebration of our shared humanity so we hope that the work will be just as impactful for audiences in Hong Kong as it was for Australian audiences.

Collaboration is very central to the Dancenorth project. How important is it, do you think, to be collaborative?

Collaboration is absolutely critical to the way we create. We often begin a creative process by standing around in a circle and Amber and I will call out the fact that this work exists between all of us.

We don’t necessarily see ourselves as directors, rather facilitators or enablers of a space in which everyone feels deeply committed to offering, generating and creating something that is beyond any one individual. 

If we can invite a host of different perspectives and lived experiences into the room, we really do feel as though it connects with audiences in a deeper, more sincere and richer way.

Dancenorth Australia Wayfinder Hong Kong

What’s your favourite part of the show and what emotions do you hope it will evoke in the audience?

There are so many magical moments within this show, but if I had to pick just one it would be when the pearls first light up and it’s as if the entire audience turns into children. Smiles beam across faces as eyes glisten with wonder and awe – this is a very special experience to witness.  

If you can describe Wayfinder in one word, what would it be?


Wayfinder will be on show on Sunday, 27 August, Saturday, 9 September and Sunday, 10 September at various times across Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Tsuen Wan Town Hall. Find more details on timing and pricing and book your tickets here

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