21 Jun‘18

Dim Sum Workshop

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What makes dim sum so irresistible?

Is it…
… the silky rice sheets that are so soft and tender to the lips?

… the semi-translucent I-can-see-how-much-chives-you-got-there skin?

… the hot steam that condenses upon your glasses when you reveal freshly steamed dim sum from their baskets?

If ‘yes, yesss, YESSSSS!’ is the answer to all of the above, this workshop is for you. The last round, you guys got your hands dirty, kneading the dough, and making dim sum from scratch. This time round, it’s going to be a little more analytical — we’re going to work your brain and taste buds.

After seeing the wave of support at our recent fish ball workshop, where we explored and learned what’s really in our favourite mystery snack bites, we’ve decided to continue the Hong Kong food series with this second instalment with Choose Right Today, this time moving on to dim sum.


Time: 7pm to 9pm

Feature image courtesy of Tara B via Unsplash

Event Price

$120 for Foodie Club members/ $200 for non-members (includes tasting items and a glass of wine

Event Location

7/F Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong Island