07 May‘15

Physical and Behavioural Issues for Children

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Concerned about rashes, allergies, helping babies sleep and coping with the kids when travelling? Does your child exhibit behavioural challenges such as hyperactivity, requiring attention all the time or is unusually quiet? Do you wish that your child can concentrate better without being distracted all the time? Or do you simply hope that your child will just stop being rebellious and listen to you a little more? Learn how you can overcome these challenges using aromatherapy the French way. In this workshop, you will also learn how to calm your child and help him focus.

This workshop is on Thursday, 7 May from 12-2pm.

Limited seats available, so kindly register with me at [email protected].

Event Price

Free, but don't forget to register!

Event Location

Young Living Hong Kong
Unit 1702, 17/F, East Exchange Tower, 38 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong