29 - 30 Jun‘18

‘Sprout’ Multimedia Concert

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Performing artists’ nurture and inheritance are like sprout of the tiny mustard seed that embraces artistic aspirations, it germinates notwithstanding the hardships and challenges; its life is being moulded in the encounter of whirlwind, pouring rain and thunderstorms, and under the warmth of the sunshine, and the nourishment of the living waters, it finally grows into a luxuriant mustard tree that offers shade to many lives. Music of eclectic styles intertwines with dramatic threads and dance episodes, together with theatrical-artistic efforts and short film scene, aim to share with audience the life journey of performing artists. Mobile app would allow audience to participate through innovate offering of the much-needed support in performing artistic venture and pursuit.

Time: Friday, 29 Jun 2018 at 8pm and Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 at 3pm & 8pm

Feature image courtesy of Jenelle Ball via Unsplash

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The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts