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Give your child multilingual proficiency and a global perspective with Victoria Educational Organisation!

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As parents, one of the most important things you can do for your child is to ensure that he or she gets the best education possible. And in this day and age, a good education means more than academic success; it means making sure your child grows up with confidence and social and emotional intelligence. And it also means growing up with bilingual skills. It has been shown that growing up with a bilingual education leads to not only a sharper brain giving kids better problem solving skills and the ability to resolve conflicts, but it also leads to social and emotional benefits giving kids a positive self-image and increased social interaction. Thankfully, there’s a school in Hong Kong who understands the importance and benefits of a bilingual education in early childhood and has been offering children outstanding, well-rounded multi-lingual education for over 50 years– Victoria Educational Organisation.

Founded in 1965, Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO) has been providing high quality early childhood education in Hong Kong with the motto, “Bilingual Learners Today, World Citizens Tomorrow – Love to Read, Eager to Inspire, Learn to Care”. It’s a school that aims to instil a love of learning, a strong sense of social responsibility, and global vision at an early age. VEO offers a total immersion language environment though its effective one teacher-one language approach, in its effort to nurture strong bi-literacy and tri-lingual abilities in its young students.

VEO has a strong, well-established presence throughout Hong Kong with nine nurseries and kindergartens located throughout the city. Whether it’s in Causeway Bay, Harbour Green or anywhere in between, children aged 8 months to 6 years can benefit from VEO’s 50 years of experience in early childhood education excellence. From Playgroup (8 months – 3 years) to Pre-Nursery Class (2 – 3 years) to Nursery Class (3 – 4 years) and Lower (4 – 5 years) and Upper (5 – 6 years) Classes, VEO strives to keep its curriculum and teaching approach in line with educational research and also the changing needs of community.

Setting itself apart from other early childhood schools in Hong Kong which offer bilingual instruction, VEO’s primary goal is to provide an all-encompassing, rich multicultural learning environment by successfully blending Eastern and Western cultures in its education model. VEO provides two streams of classes: Trilingual and Bilingual. In the Trilingual classes, students are given instruction in English, Putonghua and Cantonese by one English and two Chinese teachers, one teaching Putonghua, the other Cantonese, and they all co-teach as a team.

In the Bilingual classes, English and Putonghua instruction is administered by one English and one Chinese with a Putonghua teacher in support.

And to further set it apart from the crowd, VEO has been chosen by Columbia University Teachers College to participate in its “Read and Write” project (TCRWP), which puts focus on enhancing the skills and outcomes of students in early literacy. VEO is accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) with several of the campuses being IB Authorised. VEO is the only TCRWP preschool that is also accredited by IB in Hong Kong. VEO students are given priority in admission to prestigious Victoria Shanghai Academy. Moreover, VEO goes the extra mile to provide an outstanding and inspiring educational experience not just for the children, but for the parents, as well, as it often invited educational leaders from all over the world to give parenting seminars.

As a part of their 50th Anniversary Celebration, VEO has been holding an array of activities and events for the VEO community. To toast to half a century of providing multicultural education for students in Hong Kong, VEO has celebrated with a Literacy Festival, an Art Exhibition, The “World Principals’ Leadership Institute” international conference, an exciting 50th Anniversary Extravaganza and an elegant Gala Dinner. The finale celebration of the Golden Jubilee is a chartered cruise ship journey to Taiwan.

So go ahead parents, see for yourself why VEO has been known to provide one of the best early childhood educations in Hong Kong. Visit one of the nine Hong Kong locations today and find out how you can give your child the best shot at academic and all-around success in the future through the rich multicultural experience that VEO offers.

Brought to you in partnership with Victoria Educational Organisation

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