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Mental Wellness: 5 Steps To Combat Comparison As Mums

combatting comparision
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You do you, mama.

Do you ever pause for a moment and think, “Wow, I’m killing it at as mama!” and then BAM, out of nowhere you start comparing yourself to other mothers? That’s “comparison-itis” sweeping through your system, killing your joy and causing your anxiety levels to rise. But don’t despair! The good news is that you’re definitely not alone and below we share five simple ways you can combat comparison and find your joy again!


You probably knew this one was coming and you think it’s a bit drastic, right? But numerous studies have shown the more you use social media, the worse you feel. We now have unlimited access to other mamas’ highlight reels including Pinterest-worthy birthday parties and miraculous post-pregnancy bodies which can cause our self-esteem to drastically plummet.

To prevent yourself getting caught up in comparison why not delete certain apps off your phone, give yourself a time limit for social scrolling or even set an intention for your time on social media e.g. focus on what your family is up to or cheer on your friends and their achievements.

Focus On What Matters

As mothers, we try so hard to be superhuman in order to “keep up with the Jones’s’” and give our kids the very best of everything. But often we can fall short, blame ourselves and get caught up in comparison. A simple way to overcome this is to get clear on your own priorities and focus on what really matters to you and your family. When we’re clear on our own unique priorities, it helps us to stay in our own lane and keeps us moving forward.

Celebrate Your Success

Instead of comparing yourself to the uber-fit mum, who bakes cookies and runs a successful business, take note of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished. Write out all your achievements, past and present and pat yourself on the back, (or have a few glasses of bubbles!). Take some time to acknowledge how much you do on a daily basis and how great you really are. You’ll cultivate a success mindset in no time!

Make Gratitude Your Attitude

You’re probably rolling your eyes at this one, but rather than wishing your kids, your body, your husband and your life, in general, were more like that other mama’s, be grateful for what you do have. A quick and simple way to practice gratitude is to mentally check off three things you’re grateful for before you go to sleep at night. This will keep you internally focused rather than looking externally at others and you’ll drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

Wish the Mama Well

Every time your “Inner Mean Mama” pops up and you catch yourself in comparison mode, send that other mama positive vibes and silently wish her well. Or better yet, if she’s in your company, pay her a compliment. Tell her she’s doing a great job, you love her shoes or her child has beautiful manners. We all love a genuine compliment and remember, “What you put out comes back to you.”

Featured image taken by London Scout sourced via Unsplash

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