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Remember To Take Care Of Your Ticker By Celebrating World Heart Day!

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
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Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital offers cardiac packages to ensure a happy, healthy heart and mind!

We often go through life thinking everything is going just fine, but if we don’t take measures to stay healthy, our happy-go-lucky selves may encounter some problems! That’s why we’re recognising World Heart Day on 29 September along with Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital. We’re making sure to care for the hardest working organ we have!

Heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death. So if you’ve ever encountered chest pain, now is the time to investigate it! It may be scary to think of what could be causing that pain, but there are many reasons (not just heart disease), so it’s best to get it sorted out before it becomes something serious. And the trusted medical professionals at Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital are always standing by, making sure to give you the proper and comprehensive assessment ensuring your health is a top priority.

Its all-inclusive medical packages on chest pain investigation are detailed here, and you can talk to your doctor about the plans and decisions that are right for you. Using state-of-art equipment and supported by an excellent team of cardiologists, Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital aims to provide outstanding consultation and medical solutions to patients with cardiac-related health problems.

In rare cases, you may need to see a specialist to help you with your care. In such instances, Gleneagles’s Cardiology Clinic also acts as a referral site for cardiac interventional therapy or operation when needed. That means you’ll always be in good hands, no matter what (huge sigh of relief!).

If medical bills are what’s keeping you away, you can rest assured that the all-inclusive medical packages for chest pain investigation include doctors’ fees related to the package procedure, room charges (including accommodation and meals inclusive in package), essential and related diagnostic procedure charges (including laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging), nursing procedure charges, medication fees, equipment, instrument charges and consumable materials charges.

So don’t wait until your ticker stops ticking – make your appointment today!

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