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Where To Get Botox In Hong Kong

Botox Clinics Hong Kong
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Looking for information on Botox injections in Hong Kong? Use this guide to help you find qualified medical professionals to administer botulinum toxin injections.

We’re all for embracing the natural process of ageing – those few extra pounds, the changes our bodies go through, and yes, even those laugh lines. But we also get it, every mama is different! Maybe you’d rather not worry about actively combatting the signs of ageing. Or perhaps you have a whole pamper routine with intensive moisturizers and luxe facials to keep your skin looking its best. Some of you may be getting curious about more high-tech anti-ageing treatments in Hong Kong like Botox and fillers.

When it comes to injectable treatments like Botox, it’s important to have a good understanding of what you’re signing up for. Seek the advice of qualified medical professionals and gather as much information as possible beforehand to avoid any surprises. Read on to discover the best clinics in Hong Kong for medically administered treatments and what you should consider before choosing Botox.

Editor’s Note: In small doses, botulinum toxin injections can reduce skin wrinkles and treat medical conditions. Always consult a doctor and go to a medical professional to ensure that the treatment won’t impact your regular medicine and treatments.

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Botox Clinics In Hong Kong

High Society Skin Clinic – Medically trained professionals offering Botox and fillers

High Society Skin Clinic has qualified professionals with expertise in strategically tailored injections that can cater to your goals, whether that’s reducing wrinkles or restoring volume. It is quick and convenient and uses internationally renowned top-tier brands such as Allergan for Botox and Belotero for fillers. Plus, it’s administered by a medical practitioner who is an internationally acclaimed trainer in the field of aesthetics, so you’ll know you’re in good, capable hands.

Sassy Mama Perk

If you’re a first-time client, use code sassy to enjoy a special price of $1,499 for Botox (originally priced at $3,800)  and $2,999 for fillers (originally priced at $5,500). T&C apply.

High Society Skin Clinic (Central), 22/F, Car Po Commercial Building, 18 to 20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2799 0800

High Society Skin Clinic (Mong Kok), Unit 15 and 16, 18/F, Grand Century Place, Tower 1, Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2117 7008,

Botox In Hong Kong

Dr Stephanie Lam at Central Health — Hong Kong-registered doctor offering Botox

Central Health offers professional and reliable Botox injection services as part of its comprehensive plastic surgery offerings. Led by experienced plastic surgeon Dr Stephanie Lam, it provides personalized consultations and transparent pricing.

Central Health, 3rd Floor, Baskerville House, 13 Duddell Street Central, Hong Kong, 2824 0822, WhatsApp: 9288 1613,

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The Clinic HK Botox

The Clinic HK – Botox injections administered using the latest technologies

The Clinic HK offers Botox injection services for achieving a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. It has the latest technologies and skilled professionals that deliver reliable results tailored to your specific needs.

The Clinic HK, Unit B, 16/F Emperor Watch & Jewellery Centre, No. 8 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 5108 6488,

Trinity Medical – Personalised botox plans in Hong Kong

Trinity Medical Centre provides personalised treatment plans for skin maintenance, facial contour improvement, and body slimming. It offers safe, medically administered Botox injections along with a range of other skin-enhancing treatments.

Trinity Medicalvarious locations across Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 6450 0690,

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Dr Winnie Mui at MediSpa — Hong Kong-registered doctor offering Botox

Dr. Winnie Mui at MediSpa is a general practitioner and an expert aesthetician with extensive knowledge of botox, fillers, and other skin treatments. She specializes in injectable treatments and adopts a conservative approach to ensure that her patients are comfortable and satisfied.

MediSpa, 23/F, Siki Centre, 23 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2104 1933, WhatsApp: 9307 1308,

Botox Hong Kong OT&P

OT&P Plastic Surgery Clinic – Reconstructive and cosmetic procedures with expert surgeons

OT&P has a team of highly qualified plastic surgeons specialising in aesthetic procedures such as Botox. Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate your appearance, or address specific concerns, OT&P’s Plastic Surgery Clinic provides comprehensive and trusted Botox injection services in a safe and supportive environment.

OT&P, 20/F, Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2155 9380,

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Calm Medical Group – Strict safety protocols and FDA-approved botox in Hong Kong

Calm Medical offers safe and effective botox injection services at its state-of-the-art facility. Its team uses only FDA-approved products and follows strict safety protocols to ensure optimal results. You’ll even find detailed information about its services, including the benefits of botox, the procedure process and more on its website.

Calm Medical Group, G/F, 2A Pilkem Street, Tseng Bros. Buildings, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 6889 1299,

Dr Carmen Lam at SKIIN Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology — Hong Kong-registered doctor offering Botox

For exceptional Botox results, trust Dr. Carmen Lam at SKIIN Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology. As a Hong Kong-registered doctor and dermatologist, her expertise is unparalleled. However, you’ll just have to be mindful of the higher costs associated with her services. You can contact Dr. Carmen Lam or SKIIN clinic directly to explore the available Botox options and pricing details.

SKIIN Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology, 606, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong, 3851 7555, WhatsApp: 9686 6525,

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What Is Botox

What Exactly Is Botox, Filler And An Injectable?

Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin that is injected to affect the nerves and cause temporary muscle weakening. It temporarily blocks the signals between the nerve and muscle so the injected muscles can’t contract. This relaxes and softens the muscle, smoothing out any lines and wrinkles caused by contraction and muscle movement. The effects are temporary but can last several months.

An “injectable” refers to a medication that is administered to the body using a needle and syringe. On the other hand, a dermal “filler” is a gel-like material that is injected beneath the skin for various purposes, primarily for cosmetics such as volumizing, smoothing lines, softening creases, and enhancing facial contours. Most of these injectable fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid and can last for at least six months or longer.

What Does Botox Do?

While Botox (along with other brands like Dysport and Xeomin) is best known for reducing forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines, it has other uses too. Injected in small doses, it can slim the face, define the jawline, minimise neck bands and even help with migraines. You can get superficial injections to reduce oiliness or underarm sweating. It’s non-surgical, reliable and gives you a quick refresh.

Botox Side Effects And Risks Hong Kong

Are There Any Side Effects Or Risks?

Like any medical procedure, there are a few potential side effects to be aware of with botulinum toxin injections.

  • Pain, swelling or bruising at the injection site
  • Headache or flu-like symptoms for the first 24 hours
  • Droopy eyelids or crooked eyebrows
  • Administering too much botulinum toxin might result in a “frozen” or expressionless face, asymmetrical issues and even the drooping of the eyelids and eyebrows. Botox is temporary, so any of these issues will wear off.
  • Very rarely, serious problems like infection, blurred or double vision (if injected around the eyes) or breathing difficulties (if injected in the neck area) can happen.

The key is working with a qualified doctor you trust to administer just the right personalised amount for your facial muscles and desired results. We’re all built differently, so a bespoke approach is crucial for safe, natural-looking Botox. The Department of Health has some great resources on choosing a registered practitioner and what to expect.

Editor’s Note: “Top Botox Clinics In Hong Kong – Where To Get Medically Administered Botulinum Toxin” was originally published on our sister site Sassy Hong Kong and was revised for Sassy Mama Hong Kong in March 2024. With thanks to Sakina Abidi for her contribution. 

This post contains editorial selections and paid partnerships. Main image courtesy of Getty, image 1 courtesy of High Society Skin Clinic, image 2 courtesy of Getty, image 3 courtesy of The Clinic HK, image 4 courtesy of Getty, image 5 courtesy of Getty, image 6 courtesy of Getty

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