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24 Urban Slang Words Every Mama Should Know In 2024

Urban Slang Words 2024
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When it comes to urban slang it might be time to admit that we parents might be out of the loop. We’re here to help with 24 slang words trending in 2024!

Just like fashion, beauty or style has its seasons, language also has its trends. While we’re still in denial that skinny jeans and side parts are on the way out (according to the next generation), nothing hits closer to home than being unable to decipher what your kids are talking about. Plus, with the Oxford English Dictionary constantly adding words to the official English language, such as “cray” (crazy) and “rizz” (charisma), it’s only fitting that we keep on top of urban slang. We assume that you’re familiar with “bae”, “wtf” (or wtf as it’s been further shortened to now, tf!) and “af”?

We asked our resident Sassy Hong Kong Gen Z team members and our Gen Alpha tweens for an update on what the cool kids are saying these days (and found out that no one says “cool kids” anymore!). Read on for 24 urban slang words you should know.

P.S. Apparently, we’re also using emojis wrong 🤷‍♀️. Too many 😂. Our bad!

1. “Rizz” or “Rizzler”

Short for “charisma”. It describes one’s ability to charm and attract a romantic partner. A person with “rizz” is often called a “rizzler”.

How To Use It: “She’s got so much rizz, all she had to do was look at him.”

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2. “Roman Empire”

It refers to something you love, are obsessed with and think about all. the. time. Could be a situation, a thing, a place – anything, really.

How To Use It: “America Ferrera’s monologue from the ‘Barbie’ movie is my Roman Empire.” 

3. “Do it for the plot”

Doing something without knowing the outcome of your action, in hopes that you’ll at least get a good story out of it!

How To Use It: “I wasn’t sure if I should give him my number but my friend told me to do it for the plot!”

4. “Girl Math”

It is used as a humorous way to justify certain behaviours which would otherwise be deemed irrational.

How To Use It: “I wore the cutest outfit yesterday but I didn’t get a picture and no one important saw it, so I didn’t REALLY wear it. Girl Math!”

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5. “Delulu Is The Solulu”

“Delulu” is short for “delusion”, “solulu” is short for “solution”. “Delulu is the solulu” is a way of staying positive even when things get tough, implying that sometimes being delusional and optimistic about a situation may lead you to the best solution. It’s the new “fake it ’til you make it”

How To Use It: “He started posting Instagram Reels with only two followers and now he has over 5000. Delulu was the solulu!”

6. “Ate (and left no crumbs)”

“Ate” is used when someone has done a good job at something. “And left no crumbs” is added when someone has truly exceeded expectations”.

How To Use It: “I loved their outfit! They ate and left no crumbs.”

7. “Gas up”

To encourage or hype someone up.

How To Use It: “My friend was feeling down so I gassed her up with tons of compliments.”

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8. “On God”

When someone says “On God” it means they’re telling the truth. It’s the Gen Alpha version of “No Cap”, which is the Gen Z version of “I swear”, which is the millennial version of “I promise”. We know, it’s a lot to take in.

How To Use It: A: “Are you sure you remember that correctly?” B: “On god!”

9. “HELP”

If you hear your teen say this, DO NOT PANIC. It doesn’t mean they’re actually calling for help. It just means they found something funny or disturbing. Phew.

How To Use It: “Help why is he making that face.”

10. “Gatekeep”

When someone withholds knowledge about something amazing from everyone, whether it’s a little-known makeup product or a great clothing boutique, it means they’re “gatekeeping” it. It’s a way to protect something from becoming “mainstream”.

How To Use It: “This song is amazing, can’t believe you’ve been gatekeeping it for so long!”

11. “Sheesh”

Used to express surprise or amazement, could be used as a response for something positive or negative.

How To Use It: “She looks so good, sheesh!” or “Sheesh, that is so rude!”

12. “Mid”

When something is mediocre, low quality, boring or inferior.

How To Use It: “Did you like the music video? It was mid at best.” 

13.  “Menty B”

This lighthearted nickname for “mental breakdown” is used in minor stressful situations.

How To Use It: “I put off studying until the very last minute and my exam is tomorrow. Don’t mind me just having a little menty b.”

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14. “Cheugy”

This term is used by Gen-Z to describe older generations when they (read: we) make an effort to be trendy but fail. Oops, guilty.

How To Use It: “My aunt is so cheugy; she tried the new Tik Tok dance months after it was trending.”

15. “Taking an L”

Stands for “Taking the loss”. When someone doesn’t succeed or get their desired outcome, they take the L.

How To Use It: “I really took the L in my maths exam.”

16. “Salty”

When someone is unreasonably annoyed or upset about a situation.

How To Use It: “I don’t know why she’s acting salty.”

17. “Era”

A substitute for “phase”; used to label one’s current interests or priorities.

How To Use It: “I’m entering my Taylor Swift era.” or “I’m entering my healing era.”

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18. “Bad Take”

If a friend shares an opinion that is wrong or harmful or you simply don’t agree with.

How To Use It: “You hate chocolate cake? That’s a bad take.”

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19. “High Key”

Used when expressing something blatantly obvious.

How To Use It:I high key love this eco-fashion brand!”

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20. “Big Yikes”

This is used to express disappointment in response to a problematic or uncomfortable situation or statement.

How To Use It: “That was an awkward conversation. Big yikes!”

21. “Sksksk”

This is an interjection used to convey happiness, amusement and other intense emotions.

How To Use It: “I found $20 in my bag that I didn’t even know I had. Sksksk!”

22. “TL;DR”

Stands for “Too Long: didn’t read”. It’s used online to introduce a summary of a long story.

How To Use It: “I’ll post a longer writeup later but TL;DR is that it’s pretty funny!”

23. “GYAT”

GYAT is essentially a Gen-Alpha acronym for “Girl Your A** is Thick”. It’s used to refer to someone attractive. We’re not sure how we feel about our kids using this one either, but it’s good to know (?)

How To Use It: “GYAT! You are gorgeous!”

24. “Pop Off”

When someone says or writes something passionately or in a very emotional manner, they’re “popping off”.

How To Use It: “She popped off about her teammate in that interview!

Editor’s Note: 24 Urban Slang Words Every Mama Should Know In 2024 was updated most recently by Najuka Redkar in January 2024.

Main image courtesy of Sassy Media Group, all gifs via GIPHY.

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